Quick City Bites

Besides a sensational burger, here are some other weekend eats:

20150116_203435 Calamari at Pinxto y Tapas

Man of La Mancha meets fried food fantasia at this affordable and fun Spanish restaurant in New Jersey. Though we had several tasty dishes, the calamari is a standout. Crispy, fresh, mild, and perfect with nothing more than a sprinkle of lemon. The doughnut-like maduros are also absolutely unmisable.  20150118_105558 Gorilla cheese truck ravioli grilled cheese

Ravioli. Muenster cheese, bacon. jalapenos. Onions. Did I mention ravioli IN the sandwich? These grilled cheeses are quickly becoming my guilty pleasure – small enough for a snack, large enough for lunch once you add some tater tots and creamy tomato soup. This is stretchy, melty, crunchy, and FRIED RAVIOLI-FILLED. Still not over the excitement.  20150118_124824 Schmackery’s

The hit of any brunch fete. The fluffernutter cookies are something else – soft, chewy, and intensely peanut buttery. I’m still a red velvet addict, though.