72 Hours in the Middle East: Etihad Airways AUH-JFK

*This series covers a once in a lifetime trip with my dad. He is a member of an elite squad known as – no, not the Special Victim’s Unit – the Concierge Key Crew. He has flown and accrued over 12 million miles with American Airlines and, as such, he has been invited to be part of this unpublished, invite only, members’ club. You can’t buy your way in or request membership – you must fly some unpublished number of flights/miles per year in order to gain entry. He flies a certain number of qualifying miles each year to keep his outrageous perks. Every year he does a few crazy, 72 hour trips in premium cabins to  maintain his status. This time, he invited me to accompany him. This is my story.  (DUNH DUNH – SVU music).*

When you are on an airplane for 14 hours, you hope that it’s comfortable. You don’t know that it can be the best sleep of your life, fabulous entertainment, and a dining extravaganza. Not to mention more spacious than your actual NYC apartment.

20150202_062537 My own personal wardrobe and a cabin manager who insists on calling me “Miss Sarah.”
20150202_062909Minibar that is incredibly warm, but still cool. Check out this blog for a fantastic review of the suite.20150202_063916 More Arabic coffee and dates, along with a personal note from the captain of the aircraft. I never get tired of this Arabian hospitality. 20150202_064424 As soon as we take off, it’s LUNCHTIME!
20150202_083006I really was pretty champagne logged by this time, but I managed to rally. The veggie chips were really tasty – fresh and crunchy, with a particularly delicious onion one that tasted like an upscale Funion!

20150202_084920It’s just about showtime. Please note the exceptional extra virginolive oil. We are lucky to get a pat of margarine on US flights.

Ugh. This was so great.
20150202_090240Smoked salmon amuse bouche

Light and delicate. Soft but not mushy, scattered with dill and a dollop of creme fraiche. Very appetizing. Please notice the fold and mother of pearl plates. Just like the paper plates we use at home. 20150202_092006 Savory chickpea soup with yogurt

Fabulous! Somehow, the middle east knows how to make soups that are spiced but not OVERLY pungent or spicy. This soup is a thin broth with a rich texture. It’s mostly smooth with a few chewy chickpeas in there. The yogurt provides a wonderful cooling aspect. This is so comforting and just what I wanted after a CRAZY few days. 20150202_093231Mezze platter

I apologize for the horrible picture – I scarfed this right before I bunked down for about 4 hours. This is not as good as the Qatar mezze platter, but is still LEAGUES above any American or European airline’s food. The minced chicken is particularly noteworthy – crispy, juicy, and complex in spices.

20150202_135841One mattress pad, a beautiful duvet, and some more champers later, I was ready to sleep. To say nothing of the fabulous doors that closed to my extremely private suite.

20150202_144301 When I woke up a few hours later to “2 and a Half Men” on the tv, I realized that Ashoton Kutcher has no talent and that I was RAVENOUS. 20150202_155012Steak sandwich with turkey bacon, melted cheese, onion compote, arugula, and oven baked fries.
20150202_155034 Was I starving? Were my tastebuds compromised by exhaustion and altitude? Was I still groggy from the champagne fest of the last 3 days? Or was this just plain old the best steak sandwich I have ever eaten? I remember that he bread was crispy but not hard. The steak was incredibly tender but with a rich, meaty, minerally taste. The bacon was crispy and not too thick, the onions were sweet, and the mayo/mustard spread was tangy against the melted cheese. The fries are a little undersalted and not quite crispy enough, but they were made on a PLANE. Come ON. This is, IMHO, the finest steak sandwich in the sky, Qantas included. I would get another one right now. 20150202_162643 Baklava

I’m  a sucker for this stuff. 
20150202_185256 Cheese plate

Tete de moine, gorgonzola, and a surprisingly rich and creamy brie. I just couldn’t stop eating on this flight!
20150202_193937 Smoked salmon sandwich

Dad gave it a thumbs up. I was too busy eating my cheese plate. 
20150202_213601My last view of Arabic water.

All too soon (I KNOW…I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT I JUST SAID THAT, EITHER!), we started our initial descent and landed at JFK. This Etihad Airways flight was exceptional. The food was excellent, the entertainment was endless, and the seats were extraordinary. The food, drinks, and amenity kits were not quite as over the top as Qatar’s, which is why this did not make the grade as the best flight of my life. But the seat was the BEST airline seat I have ever enjoyed. It was incredibly private, comfortable, and spacious. The doors closing really made it feel like I was flying on a private plane. When we landed, the magic didn’t end – 0ur complimentary chauffeur whisked us back home. Then, of course, I came home to laundry, a broken shower, and credit card bills. That’s when the magic ended. 

And with that, it was done. My incredible, magical, amazing flying trip was done. 12,000 miles in 3 days. 

Coming up…my thoughts and tips for long haul international travel.


  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading along on your trip, and must commend you on doing it. While it sounds amazing and incredible and fabulous, I can’t imagine not getting sick on 3 straight days of travel!
    Thank you for sharing with us and always in your wonderful voice.