Birds and Bubbles

Birds and Bubbles isn’t somewhere that I would go of my own accord. It’s a schlep, we didn’t have reservations (though they do take resys), and it’s fried chicken. I don’t normally love fried chicken.

Fried chicken doesn’t normally taste like this.


Sarah Simmons, acclaimed City Grit chef, houses her chicken and champers emporium in a tiny, subterranean space with a bar space that also serves the entire menu. Don’t come here with more than 3 people at the bar or maybe 4 people at a table. It’s small – not cramped – but that’s part of the excellent service and charm.

20150217_185834 Simon Selosse Extra Brut

The by the glass list is fabulous – not cheap, but varied and interesting, with actual champagne, not just sparkling wine. The super dry champers cuts straight though the butter and fat in the rest of the meal and is the IDEAL counterpart to fried chicken 20150217_193307 Bread basket with Steen’s cane syrup butter

Don’t be a chump – pony up for the bread basket. The biscuits are among the best that I have ever eaten – light, flaky, warm, and buttery. The butter fairly melts away with just a touch of sweet cane syrup complimenting the nutty sesame seeds in the benne (sesame seed) roll. The cornbread is the lone straggler – a little dry and cottony for me.
20150217_194026 Fried chicken

The piece de resistance. I am so sorry that I didn’t get a picture of the juicy, tender meat within. I just inhaled it too quickly. This isn’t quite the level of Hominy Grill’s chicken, but it’s close. So juicy within and crispy without. Nothing soggy or leaden. So hot that it might burn the roof of your mouth. Even the white meat is incredibly moist and flavorful  20150217_194149 Don’t forget to drizzle some Mike’s Hot Honey on top. Simmons really know how to mix sweet and savory. The touch of hot pepper with the sweet honey and savory, salty chicken is out of this world.  20150217_194234 Crispy potato salad

The sleeper hit of the night. I have been dreaming of this for 72 hours straight. This is reminiscent of patatas bravas – crispy smashed potatoes in a salty, tangy, garlicky aioli. It’s so craveable. Strong with the shallots and a little on the salty side, but if you like strong flavors, then you will LOVE THIS. I certainly do.

Birds and Bubbles is fun, fairly priced, and delicious. It would be a great date night or solo meal at the bar with just you and a magazine or friendly bartender. Good things come to those who venture outside of their neighborhoods.

Especially in the polar vortex. Ugh. 


  1. Shout out to our bartender that night – John – and the other bartender is also super personable and fun – Miko! Really loving this place and you were right – my photos are garbage :T