Molly’s Cupcakes – Peach Cobbler is the Greatest Cupcake Ever

Because a little Friday cupcake never hurt nobody.

20150210_141632 Molly’s Cupcakes is the cutest little cupcake joint you ever did see – albeit one that has won countless awards and is a Cupcake Wars champ. It’s large and well laid out, with a few tables, a large display of treats, and swings at the counter.

That’s right…you get to eat cupcakes on swings. Your inner 9 year old is very happy.

20150210_141701 I may or may not have added these to my coffee. Don’t judge.

20150210_141746 Chocolate raspberry cupcake

Excellent! Thick, dark chocolate ganache that’s the texture of satin with a very thick, almost chewy texture. The cake itself is moist and sweet, with none of the dusty dryness that chocolate cake sometimes gets. It’s layered with a judicious spread of sweet, tart raspberry filling Chocolate and raspberry is a match made in heaven – don’t you agree? This is also a good sized cupcake – one is enough for a very generous dessert.

20150210_141751 Peach cobbler cupcake

Simply the best cupcake I have ever had. It blows my beloved red velvet out of the water. The cake is almost like cornbread – it’s vanilla-y and sweet but with that sticky, earthy flavor of corn muffins. It’s filled with a thick, syrupy peach pie filling and topped with freshly whipped cream, streusel, and a stewed peach slice. This is as homey and comforting as grandma’s house, and is better than many a fresh peach pie I have made in summer. This is huge and rich, but really delicious.

Molly’s is destination worthy – there, I said it! Relax with one of the many board games and a few friends, with at least one cupcake per person. Maybe 2 if you’re feeling frisky.

And when it comes to cupcakes, it’s easy to feel frisky.