Meat Hook Sandwiches at Culture Espresso Raise the Sandwich Bar

I found some amazing sandwiches.

I mean, I didn’t find them – Culture Espresso found them.

And Midtown Lunch publicized them.

But then…THEN I found them.

Or at least I ate them


The Meat Hook is known for excellent meat and kick ass sandwiches in Brooklyn. And now, at one tiny coffee shop in NYC, you can get them for lunch.

But you had better get there early because they sell out, there is a line, or both but the time that lunch rush is underway.

20150309_115315 Roast beef with cheese and hash browns

Oh yes. YES. Though the beef is a little browner than I prefer, it’s INCREDIBLY tender and well butchered It’s all soft, juicy meat with no tendons or strange fatty parts. Some crispy hash browns are whimsical and delicious – who doesn’t love potatoes in a sandwich!? The cheese is important here – it adds a sharpness, a creamy soft texture, and compliments the crisp lettuce. A swath of spicy horseradish mayonnaise completes this traditional, really delicious sandwich.

20150309_115251 Vegan sandwich

SHOCK O’ MY LIFE! How does somewhere called The Meat Hook school every single place on the planet on how to make an animal and animal product free sandwich? This is extraordinarily good. I know what’s not in it, but I don’t know what is. All I know is the taste and the texture. Crunchy, soft, snappy, silky. Creamy, tangy, spicy, fragrant. Eggplant and beets for sure. Maybe walnuts? Sprouts? PERFECT bread that soaks up the punchy vinaigrette but doesn’t disintegrate at all. This absolutely DANCES on my tongue. Yes, I’m being a little hyperbolic.

But not that much.

This kicks falafel’s ass. This is so much better than cheese-free pizza. I would never crave a burger if I could eat this every day.

And if I was in midtown every day, I would wait on-line for these sandwiches. I would leave work early. I would even ask for one more week of winter to disguise my overeating under heavy jackets.

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. But these are some outstanding sandwiches.


  1. Ttrockwood says:

    What?!?!! That is like not even two blocks from my office!! I’m always at cafe grumpy so i never knew culture had sandwiches- and since i’m veg hearing that the vegan sandwich is amazing seals the deal. On my way tomorrow for sure!

    • fritosfg says:

      OMG did you get it?! Were you THRILLED on every level??

      • Ttrockwood says:

        Ummm. This could be a serious problem….!!!
        Easily the best damned sandwich i’ve had in a very long time- and huge! Thanks for the heads up 🙂