On Flying Days, We Eat Fried Food

I just finished a whirlwind trip to New Orleans for my girlfriend’s bachelorette trip, and there was everything you might expect.

There were fluorescent drinks.

There were ghost tours.

There were 4 hour naps which resulted in 3 AM bedtimes.

But, first, there were flights. 

And for me, flying means fried food for breakfast at my layover. 

20150315_103941 If you are in Charlotte International Airport, head to Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar. It serves breakfast and burgers from morning through evening, the service is sweet and efficient, and the food is good. 

And by good, I mean fried.  20150315_104013 (1) Sure, the pimento cheese is just Velveeta with some hot sauce and red peppers mixed in, but the potato chips are fresh, not too salted, and wonderfully crispy.  20150315_103945 The chili isn’t fried, but it is blanketed in a thick layer of tangy cheddar cheese. It’s filled with beans and spicy ground beef that would be perfect hot dog chili. This is just what you need after waking up at 4 am for your first flight. 

20150313_150037 Cheddar Jalapeno Poppers

Johnny White’s Pub and Grill is in no way a destination restaurant, but you could do a lot worse for a bar on Bourbon Street. During the daytime, at least, it’s clean and breezy with a large menu, great prices, and competent (if surly) service. The gumbo is savory and smoky and the jalapeno poppers are GOOD. Molten cheddar cheese inside a tender jalapeno pepper encased in a thick, crunchy breading. The ranch dressing that comes alongside is homemade and it is downright addictive – more like blue cheese than standard ranch dressing. And be warned – these are real N’awlins poppers. They are SPICY.

Next up: The world famous Central Grocery Mufaletta!


  1. please say you hit up jacques imos again!

    • fritosfg says:

      @goats sadly, no 🙁 Boucherie but no Jacques Imo’s…i know, I’m still in mourning.

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alligator cheesecake!!!!!

  3. There’s nothin wrong with “cheese loaf” aka Velveeta! 😉 😉 That spread looks delicious. As well as those poppers, yay for untamed peppers!