Rice to Riches and More

This was a gooood eating weekend.

So good that I’m really pretty bummed that it’s over.

Let’s go over the highlights, shall we?

20150327_093148 Loaded oatmeal at Trestle on Tenth

Wow is this gem of a restaurant in need of a re-review. I forgot how fabulous it is! The oatmeal seems plain but is obviously made with plenty of butter and whole milk. It’s rich and sweet, with loads of dried figs, pineapple, and other treats. Just what you need on a snowy ALMOST APRIL morning…kill me.  20150327_210046 Gyros at Uncle Nick’s 

Sure beat the hell out of the gyro platter I had in Athens. Fresh, warm pita bread, juicy, spiced meat, and a meager portion of wonderfully tangy, garlicky tzatziki. You’re going to want to tack on an extra order of that stuff for the crispy-soft potatoes and vinegary salad alongside. This is highly recommended.

20150328_183005 Siu mai and har gow at Dim Sum Go Go

Yep, this place is as great as ever. The shrimp is thoroughly cleaned and soft in its delicate, thin wrapper. The siu mai has a bouncier texture and the har gow fairly melts on the tongue. Use the ginger-leek sauce and you will be transported to China for fewer than 5 bucks.  20150328_201026 Rice pudding at Rice to Riches

One of the greats. This spot has been buzzing since it opened in 2003. We are talking every day and night, no matter the weather, lines almost out the door buzzing. And with good reason. This rice pudding is BEYOND. It’s creamy and light with rice that is plump and soft but nowhere near mushy. And the FLAVORS. The flavors range from Nutella to cheesecake to butterscotch. The toppings include everything from roasted cherries to Oreo crumbles. And the decor is just plain fun. It’s a tiny shop, but it’s worth it to brave the crowds for the sweet white chocolate cookies and creme or the lush mascarpone rice pudding. And don’t be dumb – get the container that fits 2 flavors. You know that you want it.


  1. Ttrockwood says:

    I was on jury duty last week (as in ON a jury!!!) and i hit dim sum a go go for the vegetarian dim sum platter that i took home for dinner one night- damned. Still as great as it ever was…! Great destination for omni/veggie dim sum meals – since so many traditional dim sum have limited vegetarian options.
    I gotta get back to rich to riches.. Almost forgot about how great that place is!