5 Easy Ways to Throw an Impromptu Cocktail Party

5 Easy Ways to Throw an Impromptu Cocktail Party

Because I was recently reminded that any time that people come over for a friendly drink is a chance to remind them that you are the host(ess) with the most(ess).


1. Warm olives in olive oil over the pan with dried rosemary/herbs de provence

Hands down the EASIEST way to seem gourmet. Just take any ole’ can (or even jar) of olives, throw them into some olive oil over low heat and warm for 5 minutes or so – until the olives are fragrant and the oil is warm. Add the herbs for the last 2 minutes or so, making sure that they don’t burn. Serve in ramekins with any bread you have and bada boom – you’re Martha Stewart with a bar snack.

2. Cool beer/wine quickly

Not my tip, check out Crazy Russian Hacker for the greatest tip…maybe ever? Just load up on a couple of those compressed air canisters at an office supply store and you will never have to put ice cubes in your Sauvignon Blanc again. 

3. Boil cinnamon water

Cher was right…men (and women) DO like to smell something baking. But who has time for that? Throw some cinnamon into a pot of boiling water and your house will smell better than you ever knew imaginable. Feel free to throw some cloves and/or orange rind in there, too. It looks like swamp water but it is a delicious scent that envelops your home in just 15 minutes. This even covers the scent of fish in case you made salmon for lunch. 

4. Sweetened condensed milk in coffee/espresso

Maybe it’s a coffee date, not cocktail hour. Don’t worry about fresh milk or even sugar. If you pull out a can of sweetened condensed milk and stir it into your guests’ coffee or tea, they will think that you are an angel from culinary heaven. It’s sweeter and more delicious than any milk or cream could be and it lasts until infinity in your pantry. 

Plus, leftovers mean that you can finish the can as a midnight snack. 

5. Cream cheese and truffle honey

I made this once for the foodiest gal that I know because I didn’t have any good cheese in the house. I served it with leftover pita chips. It was astoundingly good – she couldn’t stop raving and didn’t believe that it was lowly cream cheese. Throw some lavender salt in there if you have it lying around for an extra layer of fragrant flavor. Serve it with grapes, crackers, crudites…whatever!