Classic Balsamic Vinaigrette

It’s been a long time since I posted this vinaigrette dressing, and it’s something that I make at least once a week. So, here ya go:

Here is how to make a quick and easy salad dressing that is healthier, cheaper, and about one million times more delicious than any of the bottled vinaigrettes that you have in your fridge. It’s perfect on salads, sandwiches, and mixed into mayonnaise for a party dip. Try not to drink it with a straw. 

Classic Vinaigrette



-1 tbsp. mustard (I love a fruity one, but honey dijon or grainy is also great)

-1/3 cup olive oil (a lemon or herb infused one is really nice, while chile or garlic can be overpowering)

                                                              -3 tbsp. vinegar (balsamic, sherry, red wine, port, fig…anything  A wine-y dijon mustard works well with a lighter red wine vinegar.  Sweet mustard matches with a heavier, darker vinegar.  Spicy mustard pairs well with sweet fig or sherry vinegar.  Experiment and see what works for you!)

-salt and pepper to taste

-1 diced shallot or 1/2 diced sweet Vidalia onion

1. Combine the onions/shallots and olive oil.



2. Add the vinegar. 

3. Add the mustard and whisk, baby, whisk. 


4. Add salt and pepper and taste for seasonings. 

5. Now just pour that dressing over your salad and enjoy. 

This is so tasty. It’s light, tangy, bright, and not too sharp. You can add some sugar but I never think that it needs any sweetness. I love it and often add herbs or some Romano cheese to the mix. 

And I do sometimes spoon it straight out of the jar. 

So, what the hell, you can, too.