Montmartre – Delectable French Cuisine on 8th Avenue

I haven’t been to Montmartre in quite awhile – it was time to give it another go.

It’s still that beautiful space, perfect for a girls night or an awesome date. And the food is better than ever.


Radishes with butter

A lovely, simple, delicious amuse bouche. Spicy radishes, tangy cultured butter, and a few sprinkles of grainy salt. All that’s necessary is a slice of the fresh sourdough bread that also lands on your table.


Chicken liver pate

Very damned good. Sweet, mild, fluffy mousse topped with a layer of sweet onions. It’s minerally without being too rich, thanks to the air incorporated into the mousse. It’s smooth and earthy – very good, though not quite to Sammy’s ethereal level.



If you don’t get these, you are a tool. The fries here are WOW-TASTIC. Crispy and well salted with lip-puckering malt vinegar and the greatest garlic aioli…well, ever. That aioli is good stuff – not quite to Amsterdam’s level, but not too far off, either. Smooth and eggy with just a hint of sweet roasted garlic. Excellent.


Steak tartare

Lovely and a great portion. None of that paltry-appetizer crap here. A hearty portion of tender, meaty beef, hand cut so it still has some heft and pleasant chew to it. It’s not too rich and is properly spiced with pepper, salt, and capers. It’s topped with a tangle of slippery pickled hon shimeji mushrooms and a large paper cone of fresh, whisper thin potato chips. I would get this again in a heartbeat.


Clementine pot de creme

Rich. bright. Topped with buttery shortbread and juicy citrus. What better way to end a lovely meal?

I love Montmartre. It isn’t cheap, but the portions are ample, the food is wonderful, and the service and surroundings are lovely. I can’t wait to go back ASAP.