The Great Noodle Tour: ANA Flight Tokyo to Shanghai

In which we may together lament the crappy way that Americans experience short haul flights.

20150425_174223 Seeing a cute Victorian home off of the Japanese highway was an odd experience, until I realized that it was Tokyo Disney. I went a long time ago (before this blog was even an idea in my mind) and would definitely go back for the day. It’s like going to an amusement park in outer space. 
20150425_191150 Whiskey and shochu tasting in the ANA business class lounge. Amazing. A damned whiskey tasting in a lounge with showers, shopping, and another sake tasting bar. All for a sub 4 hour flight.
20150425_191639 Noodle bar in that ANA lounge. It’s an extremely kick ass lounge and I highly recommend it.
20150425_201054 Cool livery outside of the airport windows. I would love to go to Thailand someday, sooner than later.  20150425_202416 Incredible business class seats on this short jaunt. Do you see those miles of leg room?
20150425_202425 Super comfortable with slippers, a pillow, individual entertainment systems, and a great recline. I could have flown in this seat for 6 hours.  20150425_213249 Mount Fuji from the airplane…exquisite and majestic. What a view! 20150425_213821 Random Japanese cracker snacks 20150425_214858 Easily the best thing that we ate on the flight.  20150425_220240 The rest of the food was very…Japanese. The western meal was okay – some tender (if salty) beef with a baked turnip, a rather fishy salmon roulade, and a very nice apricot cake. Exceptional, it wasn’t. 
20150425_220313 And the Japanese food, while beautiful, tasted uniformly of fish. And not the good kind of fish. Very thankful for the miso soup that came alongside.  20150425_222816 Plus we got to enjoy a great range of entertainment options, including some amazing documentaries on Japanese chefs. 

The food was a little weird for my tastes, but ANA is a first class experience even on a short business class flight. 

Southwest, eat your hearts out.