The Great Noodle Tour: Don Quijote, Tokyo’s Dollar Store

Now it’s time for: more wacky shopping in Japan!

20150423_201648 You could not pay me to wear this thing. I’m getting claustrophobic just looking at it.  20150423_201816 So much nail art.
20150423_202046 I mean…so much. 
20150423_202303 “Heart and the You” dry shampoo.  20150423_202434 Very scary mini toothbrush ad. 
20150423_203506 Disney-esque fake windows in the local dollar store.  20150423_204201 And real, super expensive handbags in the dollar store. 
20150423_204407 Japanese adults love Elsa.  20150423_210329 Don Quixote is the greatest dollar store on the face of the planet. You must come here for all of your personal and souvenir needs. 

Of course, there are other Japanese sights, too.
20150423_215102 Japanese mascots are unceasingly amazing.  20150423_221602 Plates inspired by one of my favorite artists, Rene Magritte.

20150424_001522 A $3,000 Hello Kitty statuette. Obvi.  20150424_001735 I want all of this fake sushi.  20150424_001804 And none of this Sanrio vomit.  20150424_001811 I especially don’t want this huge Hello Kitty chair.  20150424_002310 Leg covers so chairs dont’ scratch your apartment floor. Of course, they are adorable. 
20150424_002418 I could use “a little happiness” of me.  20150424_002907 Miranda Kerr representing a handbag line I had never even heard of. Of course, I bought one before I left the country.  20150424_054740 Oh no…IS YOUR PHONE RUNNING OUT OF BATTERY?! Don’t worry, many cabs have chargers. I love this pop cartoon because it’s exactly how I feel when my phone is almost out of juice.  20150424_202106 Banana flavored sweets and tonkatsu sandwiches reign supreme. 
20150425_005757 These socks are fancier than my wedding dress was.

Since visiting Tokyo, shopping at Target has lost a lot of its charm. I wish I could go back tomorrow.