The Great Noodle Tour: Shopping in Shanghai

Japan doesn’t have all of the shopping fun. China has its own charms and wonder.

20150426_033628 The city of Shanghai loves to eat. Tons of snack shops and stalls on every corner.
20150426_034257 Including a thousand different lemonade varieties, each worse tasting than the last.  20150426_034306 Including a hot tea option topped with cheese.  20150427_005831 Eating, eating, eating.  20150427_020715 These creepy toys which I learned are called Monchicis…wow, so frightening.
20150427_021231 A million snacks which ranged from unappealing to vomit inducing. I will just never be into dried fish.
20150427_021248 Love these photos of Shanghai Girls on the drie fruit.  20150427_024629 Dried chicken feet in the convenience store. Yeah, you’re in CHINA. 
20150428_011834 These funny little cartoon girls advertising adult shampoo.  20150428_012119 Nori snacks rolled like fruit rollups.

20150428_013302 Black chicken and chicken with head and toes intact. 
20150428_013330 Langoustine and shrimp varieties ranging from the size of a needle to almost lobster like mammoths. Some came as far as Madagascar.  20150428_013356 Tiny quail eggs and huge goose eggs.

20150428_013445 No comment. Love it.  20150428_013525 American hot wings flavored Doritos! Why don’t we have these, just called “hot wings?” 20150428_013545 Gotta love an aisle of puffed foods. 
20150428_013857 I doubt I would use an aisle filled with spicy duck tongue and sauced duck neck.  20150428_014020 Love the packaging.
20150428_014931 Adorable buns filled with pork floss.  20150428_015413 And a huge shopping mall that is half empty and looks like Vegas on crack.

China was a trip and we hadn’t even enjoyed our most awesome meal yet – Peking duck.