The Great Noodle Tour: The Best Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl on Fisherman’s Wharf

Well, it’s been a LONG time, readers! I am so sorry to have left you in the lurch, but I am back with a ton of great eats, awesome hotels, and crazy anime arcades!

Every great journey must start somewhere, and for the purpose of this blog, we will start at the tail end of the trip. In the city by the bay, San Francisco. San Francisco is a great place to start or end the journey to the Asian Pacific, since it breaks up the very long flight.

And since we were tired (nay – exhausted!), confined to either walking within the vicinity of hotels or taking cabs, and only had one night, we figured – let’s just be total tourists. And we were, in the most egregious of ways.

20150429_223730 We ate animal style fries. 

20150429_230329 We went to Ghiradelli Square and gorged on ice cream sundaes with hordes of other tourists who were just begging to get ripped off.

(Whatever, the location is central, the hot fudge is EXCELLENT, and who doesn’t feel like a sundae after coming off of a long flight?)

20150429_221215 We went to Fisherman’s Wharf and took photos of Alcatraz. 

20150429_191357 We ate crab out of styrofoam cups, doused with lemon and cocktail sauce.

This one came from the second “The Crab Station,” the one with Chinese writing on it. It is sweet, fresh, and totally delish. 
20150429_221244 And, of course, we ate clam chowder out of bread bowls.

This one came from Alioto’s stand, and it’s the best on the wharf. Mostly because Alioto’s is the greatest of all of the overpriced Fisherman’s Wharf restaurants and supposedly their chowder comes directly from the restaurant’s kitchen. It’s filled with sweet, tender clams, creamy potatoes, and has a clean, briny flavor. It’s not too gluey and benefits from a hit of hot sauce at the stand. Best of all, it comes in a tangy, chewy bread bowl that soaks up all of that chowder flavor.

Next up: Let’s fly to JAPAN!