The Great Noodle Tour: The Conrad Tokyo

We stayed at a phenomenal hotel in Tokyo – the Conrad Tokyo.

It’s located within walking distance of the Ginza, right above a convenient subway line, has all of the modern amenities (including a fabulous Toto washlet), several restaurants, and is beautiful. Here are a few snapshots of our time there (mostly food related): 20150420_161735 Beautiful king sized bed (not so easy to find in Japan). The rooms look exactly like they do on the website – no scary surprises here. Big, beautiful double sinked bathroom and plenty of space, even by American standards.  20150420_162356 Sitting area overlooking Tokyo’s busy buildings.  20150420_193751 Private breakfast room for our loud, large group. The rate can include breakfast, and if yours does, you will not be disappointed.  20150420_193840 Cerise, the continental restaurant that serves breakfast and the buffet is legit. Japan is often mocked as the worst Asian country for breakfasts, but the Conrad disproves that theory. A huge buffet filled with Asian dim sum, American omelettes, salad, pastries, fish, meat, and everything else you could possibly want at any time of the day or night. 
20150420_194035 The salad section was welcome after a 10 hour redeye flight.  20150420_194345 The tomatoes are sweet and jewel hued.  20150420_200253 And the bread pudding with Nutella is a good first dessert.  20150420_201204 We sadly never ordered the egg slut.  20150421_192031 But I did eat a ton of noodles with soft eggs and dim sum.  20150425_070126 One night, we actually broke our “all Asian all the time” vow and ate dinner here.  20150425_072406 The spaghetti Bolognese was the best I’ve had since…the last time that I was in Tokyo. Tokyo does the greatest Italian food outside of Greece. I feel like Italy needs to up its own game.  20150425_075339 The French pastries are, as always, sensational.  20150425_080931 A sweet goodbye note from our INCREDIBLE concierge, Ari.

A word about the staff here. The staff here is…impeccable. Leagues better than the much-lauded Park Hyatt. These concierges went above and beyond during a scary medical encounter – let’s just say that I had a bad, BAD allergic reaction after a meal. I was alone in a shopping mall and started to blow up with hives. I was scared that it would spread to my throat. Somehow, the hotel got me a cab, got me home, walked my dad down to a pharmacy, found me Japanese Benadryl, and got it to me within an hour. They closed down the front desk while this happened to take care of me. We weren’t in a suite. They don’t know that I write a blog  . They just did what was necessary to help someone far from home. It left an extraordinary impact on me. I would stay here again in a heartbeat. It’s my home away from home in Tokyo.

Now I just gotta get back there.