The Great Noodle Tour: Tsukiji Fish Market

Now, let’s walk through the Tsukiji fish market. We took a guided tour, which is the only way to get into the market unless you wake up at like 3 am and go see the tuna auction. It’s so worth it to see this place. You need to shell out of a tour or wake up early – well, I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves.  20150422_193515 Everything in Tokyo is amazing.
20150422_193732 Tiny dried fish.  20150422_193805 The area around Tsukiji seems older, gentler, and more historical than most of uber-new Toyko.
20150422_193859 Fake sushi that I SO wish I bought! 20150422_193906 Fried shrimp crackers 20150422_193921 Freshly baked nori bread.  20150422_194003 Shuffling through the restaurants setting up outside the market.  20150422_194100 So many restaurants, all promising mouth-watering dishes of toro, uni, ikura, and every other luxury sushi bar item you can imagine. There are many sushi restaurants that have winding lines out the door, but that ain’t my style. If it’s yours, I hear that Sushi Dai is the place to go.  20150422_194112 A million stalls each selling one type of food. This one specializes in kimchi.  20150422_194424 Special tamago vendor. Don’t be afraid to accept the samples, everything is delicious and even this, an outdoor market, is impeccably clean.  20150422_194508 Whale sashimi
Inside the inner market! Here is where the world’s premier fish is bought and sold. The entire place smells cleaner than your doctor’s waiting room – its unbelievable how non fishy it is. However, definitely wear boots and keep your hands to yourself. There are lots of live specimens splashing water everywhere and the place is filled with people running around with giant knives and driving tractor-like apparatuses. Follow your guide and walk quickly! 20150422_195243 Huge salmon fillets.  20150422_195305 Whelks? Some sort of shellfish that they don’t sell at Fairway.  20150422_195418 Octopus as far as the eye can see. 
20150422_195613 Like, a thousand varieties of fish in various forms of butchery, from still wriggling to just the sperm sacks. (Cod sperm…it’s a thing and it’s pretty good). 20150422_195829 Uni…glorious uni. Ranging in color from pale yellow to almost brown. From Hokkaido and everywhere else in Japan. Briny, creamy, salty, meaty. All incredibly fresh and incredibly well priced. I weep for the uni left behind.
20150422_195858 Uni not even out of its shell! 20150422_195927 Fresh crab, just picked and waiting for some rice…or a bread bowl and some butter. Weeping for this, too.  20150422_200110 Scallop shell!
20150422_200410 Big tuna
20150422_201018 But not the biggest they come. Those can fetch thousands upon thousands of dollars at the famous tuna auction. 
20150422_201318 Beautiful dried eel. Don’t you just want that over a bed of sweet and sticky sushi rice right now? 20150422_201656 Huge scallops, freed from their shells. 
20150422_202759 Ready made sushi for lunch.  20150422_202832 Because walking through the market is honestly exhausting.  20150422_203521 Hot corn soup anyone?  20150422_205740 HUGE scallops grilled with garlic and butter. I regret not eating this.
20150422_205931 Hello, fish.  20150422_210052 Tuna. Perfect, lean to super fatty tuna.  20150422_210158 Like a hot knife through butter.

Tsukiji was my number one experience this trip. Do NOT miss coming here. Walk around with a guide then go through the shops outside the market and buy lunch, a few ceramic souvenirs, and maybe come back later for dinner.

And…as Andrew Zimmern would say…”if it looks good, eat it!”


  1. I never realized how close my motto is to AZ’s. Interesting. Not everything ‘looks’ good though!

  2. Holy crap! The size of those scallops! I’m dying here!