48 Hours in Milan: Milan’s Greatest Hits

On this whirlwind trip I didn’t have a ton of time to eat in Milan, but what I did eat was really pretty great. Here are some of Milan’s greatest hits:


Risotto Milanese

If you don’t like saffron, this might not be for you. If you have even the slightest affinity for it, this is the greatest use of it since Joel Robuchon’s bread. It’s a little floral, a little savory, and very aromatic. The rice is al dente and the color is a beautiful golden hue. It’s served in a small enough portion to be an appetizer but it can be a light main course as well. If you don’t like saffron, any risotto in Milan is excellent – I had a gorgonzola one that I still dream about.

20150613_061418 Spaghetti Bolognese

I was shocked to discover that pasta is not on every menu in Italy. But Milan, the center of cheese, beef, and rice, is shockingly pasta-light. However, I did manage to have a couple of plates of pasta and they were excellent. This one, at New Art Cafe, is excellent. The spaghetti is al dente and chewy and the sauce is really rich. It’s not that bright, tangy tomato sauce with a few grainy clumps of meat. It’s deep, meaty, and incredibly savory. It’s about all of the pasta, most of the beef, and just a tiny bit of tomato taste in the sauce. It isn’t overly sauced or cheesed. And the mushroom pappardelle is no slouch either.


Movenpick ice cream

Movenpick ice cream is where it’s AT! I actually enjoyed this on the Swiss flight home, but if you find some in Italy and want to compare ice cream to gelato, this is the brand that you want. It’s soft but still dense, with pure, creamy flavor. This flavor, Carmelita, also has a ribbon of sweet, slightly bitter caramel and pieces of chewy, crunchy caramel candy. The ice cream is the real deal – it kicks Haagen Daz’s ass.

As it made mine larger.

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