48 Hours in Milan: The Rest of It

Here’s what I did on the rest of  my whirwind tour of Milan:

IMG_1551 Drank an espresso.
IMG_1582 Ate a piece of foccacia.

20150611_055725 Gawked at a tower of pots that is plated in actual gold. 
IMG_1695 Visited the world expo (way too short a time, but it was like a real-life EPCOT).  IMG_1709 Ate the MOST fabulous cheese  – that Gorgonzola was the sweetest and creamiest that I had ever tried.  IMG_1712 Visited the pavilion of a country that I will likely never see in person.  IMG_1716 More hanging gardens of Babylon than Shahs of Sunset.

IMG_1726 Wished that I had room for this pizza.

20150612_122659 Took a little bus dive to the incredibly beautiful Lake Como. No, I didn’t see George Clooney.
IMG_1744 Ate dinner at this SICK villa.

20150612_122942 In said villa, admired Napoleon Bonaparte’s bed, complete with original linens…

20150612_123027 and Empress Josephine’s dress.
20150612_123059 Embroidered in PLATINUM. I KNOW. 
IMG_1748 Cooked with some of these beautiful ingredients – I swear, the food tastes about am million times better on that side of the Atlantic.

20150613_050532 Saw these stools that look like macarons.  20150613_043017 Learned that Jack Daniels is totally expensive and way cooler to drink than single malt Irish whiskey.
IMG_1843 Took what seems to be a quintessentially Italian photograph.

Don’t worry…I slept when I got home. Next week, I finally return to blogging about good ole NYC!


  1. What an amazing time it looks like your having! The food looks delicious..

  2. Ttrockwood says:

    What a whirlwind trip! I remember even just the cheap espresso at the newstand cafes was good- i adore espresso and certainly drank a lot of it while walking the city all day long… And yes, nearly everything does taste better on that side of the atlantic!