Jane, The Fourth, and Beyoglu: Hit ‘Em Up!

Where you should eat and why:

20150621_102727 Where: Jane

Why: Avocado goat cheese sandwich

Avocado toast is so passe, don’t you think? This avocado toast is layered with ripe tomato, sprouts dressed in a tangy, mustardy vinaigrette, and a slab of somewhat funky, ripe goat cheese. The goat cheese sounds like it would be overkill, but it’s really sensational. It livens up the avocado, adds a meaty taste, and – well – it’s goat cheese. What’s not to love?! If you come here with the family, ask to be seated in the large, quiet downstairs room. It’s a hidden gem.
20150619_093133 Where: The Fourth

Why: Gluten free banana pecan muffin

I’m more of a gluten-full girl than a gluten-free girl. I get giddy at the mere mention of sourdough. But this muffin is really da bomb (do cool kids still say that?). It’s incredibly moist and studded with toasty, crunchy pecans. The banana taste is sweet, and vaguely floral without being over the top banana-y (which, trust me, I HATE). It’s not too sweet, so it can handle a swipe of butter and sticky-sweet blackberry jam. The surroundings are lovely and that muffin is really damned good. A great space for a breakfast meeting.

20150616_123500 Where: Beyoglu

What: Mezze sampler

This Turkish spot is a favorite among foodies and city dwellers of all sorts and I can see why. It’s a lovely, airy restaurant with a huge menu. The lunch specials are well priced, the service is quick, and the portions are good. The food is downright delicious. Fluffy, fresh bread and some flaky sigar borkei are warm, flaky, and cheesy. That mezze platter is just fabulous – loaded with garlicky hummus, creamy yogurt cacik, smoky babaganoush, and a host of other dips. It’s big enough for a light lunch between friends that will leave you satisfied but not stuffed or uncomfortable. Total win.