The Great Noodle Tour: Eating in Arizona

Some miscellaneous Arizona eats:

20150419_113848 Elements breakfast at The Sanctuary.

This beautiful hotel has a fabulous poolside restaurant. The huevos rancheros is excellent. Eggs are properly rich and buttery, salsa is smoky but not too spicey, and the guac is REALLY great.  20150419_113218 To say nothing of the huge, pecan studded stickly buns smothered in tangy cream cheese frosting. Me want. A lot.
20150419_112101 The atmosphere is really nice, too. Arizona dreamin’. 
20150418_223116 Steak at m wedding, REALLY well cooked, especially for a buffet!  20150418_164258 Pei Wei

 My FAVORITE fast food from college. Dan Dan noodles, I miss you, so! 20150418_152929 Excellent room service from The Sanctuary. The food here is top notch – don’t miss the very cheesy and garlicky Caesar salad or the juicy turkey burger with fresh cut fries.  20150418_012224 No trip to the West Coast is complete without a loaded In-n-Out burger.


Phoenix airport snack from Humble Pie

20150419_180248 Pretty nice underskirt and tender dough but…
20150419_180214 Meh. No real flavor in the crust, no salt in the sauce, and no stretch in the cheese. I have become a pizza snob – what can I say?

Next up: a little NYC interlude.