These Woulda Been Great Father’s Day Gifts

I’m always a day late and a dollar short, right?

Father’s Day was never a big deal growing up, because my mom always said that if every day wasn’t Father’s Day, one day a year wasn’t going to help. However, my husband and his family are huge on it – so, now I do the whole Father’s Day shebang. Brunch. Cards. Gifts.

About those gifts…mine are usually 2 weeks early or 3 days late. If you are like me and still need a present for the foodie dads in your life, here is what I would choose:


Chiriboga Blue Cheese

This is the best blue cheese I have ever had in America. It’s beauty lies in its subtlety – this doesn’t punch you in the nose with its taste or texture, it gently seduces you into loving blue cheese. It’s incredibly creamy and buttery. Though there are obvious blue flecks in it, it isn’t overly funky or mushroomy. It just has pops of tart, tangy, savory flavor amidst the wonderfully creamy texture and mild flavor. It’s pricey, but hey – it’s for dad, right? Serve it with some fig jam and a cranberry-nut bread and you will be in for a massive treat.


Johnnie Walker Platinum

My husband’s favorite whisky – he loves it even more than the far pricier Johnnie Walker Blue. I find it to be smooth as far as whiskey goes, which is still too strong for me. However, he swears that it’s all vanilla, caramel, and butterscotch, especially when you serve it with one gigantic ice cube. Maybe the dad in your life would love it, too!


Fuego Box

I was sent this as a press gift and OMG I LOVE IT!!!! You get 3 different types of hot sauce in each monthly shipment, complete with tasting notes. These are hot sauces that I have never tried before and some of them I like to eat plain, some I like to use as ingredients when I cook, and some I drink with a straw. It’s incredibly cool to get deliveries of hot sauces from small batch producers all over the country – I’m now addicted to one I would never have tried (Frankie V’s Spooky White is ACTUALLY insane). Thos is an amazing gift for the chile head in your life.

Any other great food gift ideas, for Father’s Day or any other time?