Hello again! And then, farewell

Hello, all! I am so VERY sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been back here – two long years, to be exact (to the day, really). In that time, so much has happened:

I got a great job.
I had a baby (Yes, he’s awesome and yes, he loves to eat. No, he does not love to sleep, so please send advice my way).
I left my great job.
I started upping my posts on the ‘gram.
My blog’s layout strangely changed and I never corrected it.
I got an iphone (really, this was the biggest leap for me. RIP, droid life).

And I never really came back to say farewell properly. So this is it.

Farewell to my amazing little engine that could. The blog that was an effort of love, that brought me so much joy and taught me so much. Thank you to any and all of my readers who may still be out there, for keeping this blog afloat. It’s not going anywhere – It will always stick around. And I’m around on twitter and instagram (@fritosnfoie) as well as all over the interwebs on various sites under my married name (Sarah Spigelman Richter). Thank you so much for all the laughs, all the learning and all the awesome Fritos and foie.