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Hi all!

I’m back from Milan and WOW…what a whirlwind 48 hours it was! Did you know that Milan is not a pasta heavy destination? I know, it shocked me, too, but it’s okay…I ate a ton of risotto to make up for it. I’ll give you the pictoral updates later in the week.

Today, I’m checking in to give you the winner of the Primal Derma Skincare Giveaway

The winner is:

True Random Number Generator  6


Congratulations, Bekah! I’ll email you to get your shipping information!

Tomorrow…the most incredible meal that I had in Japan.

Two Little Red Hens and Other Tasty Bites

I’ve been blogging about Asia for so long that I have neglected my NYC eats – let’s catch up on those for a second, shall we?

20150606_110614 Guacamole and chips at AG

This is great! The restaurant seems to have improved a lot since it opened and I would totally come here again. They make the guac fresh and have several different varieties. This was the standard version but extra spicy, and it is filled with fragrant cilantro and some crunchy, spicy jalapenos.
20150606_131305 Two Little Red Hens

This bakery absolutely deserves all of its accolades. The Brooklyn Blackout cake is thick and moist, with a dark chocolatey pudding in the center. The pudding is a delightful, fun surprise but it still manages to be an elegant, sophisticated taste. The vanilla cupcake is mild and buttery with an extremely rich, none-too-sugary Swiss buttercream frosting. And the coffeecake…WOW, that coffeecake. It’s moist and buttery with a cinnamon-sugar streusel that is addictive. Sleeper hit of the century.  20150608_123800 Watermelon salad at Jack’s Wife Freda

I finally made it down to this SoHo favorite and am sure to return. It’s small but not cramped and the service is excellent. This watermelon salad with feta, basil, cucumbers, and balsamic vinaigrette is everything that a summer salad should be. Bright, light, savory, and just a little tart.

See you next week!

See You Tomorrow… Today I’m in MILAN!

I am in Milan on a last minute press trip and will resume normal posting tomorrow. Disclaimer: I will be at least 17 pounds heavier because the bread products here are GREAT! See y’all tomorrow AM!

The Great Noodle Tour: Jet Blue Mint Class SFO-JFK

I recently flew Jet Blue’s new premier cabin experience, Mint, and though this site does a far better job reviewing most of the aspects than I ever could, I thought that I would do a run down of the food. 
20150430_143827 The flight attendant walked through the aisles with a vodka, mint, lemonade concoction. It is really refreshing and has a nice kick to relax me before the flight. So far, so good! 20150430_155543 Jet Blue works with Saxon + Parole for their in flight offerings, and these veggie chips with herbed dipping sauce is a pleasant departure from the standard mixed nuts. They are fresh and crunchy – a great way to whet the palate.  20150430_161717 From there, it turned out to be somewhat of a mixed bag. From far left:

Steak with mashed potatoes – really tasty. A little overdone but still flavorful and well salted. I would absolutely order this again and it’s a great portion size.

Salad with blue cheese, spiced cashews, and pears – the dressing was not delivered for this flight, so we were offered either lemon or plain mustard for dressing.  Blech. Especially on greens that are rather past their prime and flabby. Not a fan. Most other premium cabins would, I feel, have some other dressing on hand, but not Jet Blue. 

Corn custard with lobster and chiles. The lobster is a little fishy and mushy all at once. The corn custard is unmemorable, but the corn itself is sweet and juicy, with burst of heat from the spicy peppers. I wouldn’t get is again because I found the lobster just a little too off-putting.

Ready for a really #firstworldproblems comment? The roll was cold. When bread is bad, heating it up disguises a world of flaws. Do that next time with this piece of edible cotton, Jet Blue.

20150430_163425 Fruit salad and blue marble chocolate ice cream

YUM! Fruit must have come from California since it is so sweet and juicy. That ice cream is creamy, not too sweet, and thaws beautifully so you can eat it easily. Definitely get the dessert.

In general, I didn’t thin that this flight warranted the price tag. If I was a bigger or broader person, it would be a necessity to be able to lean aback and have more wiggle and stretch room. But, for me, the biggest deal on a daytime flight under 6 hours is 1) the food and 2) the entertainment. The food didn’t make enough of a difference to sway me and the entertainment is exactly the same as in the main cabin. However, if you have the extra cash flow, the cool Birchbox amenity kit, free-flowing booze, and flat seat for sleeping seat may convince you to buy a seat.

The Great Noodle Tour: The Waldorf Astoria Shanghai

I realize that I totally forgot to post about our wonderful Shanghai hotel, The Waldorf Astoria

20150426_011019 The Waldorf Asoria Shanghai has an incredible location, right on the Bund. Every taxi driver in town knows where it is because it has been around since 1910 – well, back then it used to be The Shanghai Club, a gentleman’s club for wealthy British expats. It became the Waldorf in 2009 and includes both the old wing, with its elegant exterior and famed Long Bar and a newer wing where the bedrooms are housed.


The bedrooms are, in a word, exquisite. Colonial era furnishings with…


long marble hallways housing an incredible walk in dressing area with wonderful slippers, robes (and a gas mask…freaky), and


king sized beds with some of the best linens I have ever enjoyed.

20150426_012423 To say nothing of the view of the iconic Shanghai skyline,which only improves as the lights come on at night.

20150426_012301 Our room held sumptuous treats, a sweet note wishing us a happy anniversary, and…
20150426_012355 The largest grapes that I have ever seen! 
20150427_203335 The breakfast buffet is vast, and while you should stay away from egg dishes and anything that sounds vaguely American, the fruit is all wonderful and the Chinese dishes are even better than the buffet in Tokyo.  20150427_203431 Besides the vast buffet, including bread, cheese, dim sum, and every manner of noodle possible… 20150427_211150 you can indulge in made to order wonton soup and congee.

Of course, we did both daily.

The Shanghai Waldorf Astoria is beautifully appointed with a few great restaurants and a great location, but I wouldn’t necessarily return. Don’t get me wrong, it was great – but it was rather impersonal. It felt extremely corporate and though the service was quite good, I definitely knew and felt that I was not a particularly valued client. Trust me, they don’t value me at The Conrad either, but they somehow managed to make me feel like they did. This may just be a difference in culture and it didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth about The Waldorf Astoria at all. It just means that on any return trips, I am open to try different hotels.

However, for your first trip to Shanghai, I can heartily recommend this excellent abode.

Primal Derma Skincare Giveaway: Eat Your Steak and Wear it, Too!

This is not a beauty blog.

However, I was recently introduced to a product (not through the media, at a friend’s house) that was too good not to share.

Especially because I don’t know of that many moisturizers that are made with the same stuff that you use to make French fries.

20150604_084806 Primal Derma is made from 100% grass fed beef tallow – the stuff that is normally used as a medium for the world’s greatest pommes frites. However, since it’s “virtually bio-identical to human skin cells,” it is also a WONDER ointment. It not only moisturizes your skin, but since skin craves saturated and monounsaturated fats, the more you use this over time, the more toned and well hydrated your skin becomes. It’s not at ALL greasy and sinks into skin immediately, so it’s perfect to use for heat rash or even to tame flyaway hair. Not to mention that you can slather it on sunburns, scrapes, chapped skin, and even your lips (because, duh…beef tallow is edible).  I know that it sounds like I am a snake oil salesman, but this is the REAL DEAL. I’m not getting paid to write a post about this and I wasn’t pitched…I’m just obsessed.
20150604_084854 One small jar will last you a long, long time. You only need a tiny dab because it’s so rich.  20150604_084906 This amount would cover your entire arm or calf. It has a spicy-floral scent that is reminiscent of lemongrass and cardamom. I hate perfume-y, frou-frou scents so this is a true relief. Don’t worry, even though this is made from tallow, you won’t smell like a barnyard.  20150604_085032 It’s become my go to. Callused feet, sunburned nose, dry elbows…everything. I can’t recommend this enough.

Best of all, Primal Derma is offering a giveaway to Fritos and Foie Gras readers!

Just leave a comment on this post and you will be automatically entered to win a jar of Primal Derma! Winner will be chosen Monday, June 15 at random. 

Eat your steak and wear it…what’s not to love about that?

The Great Noodle Tour: Singapore Airlines Seoul to San Francisco Business Class

Now (yeah, I’m jumping around a little) it’s another long flight – Seoul to SFO via Singapore Airlines. Yes, you can occasionally fly a country’s airline without actually having a connection in that country. It’s called a fifth freedom flight. Take a look here.

This is, hands down, the greatest business class that I have ever experienced.

20150429_044153 Though this doesn’t do it justice, the chair is huge. Gigantic. Like a couch in which you swim around. The seat is a TINY bit on the hard side, but I’m really nit picking here. Gargantuan television, huge tv, usb and power outlets…what more can a gal want?
20150429_044720 Champagne. She can want champagne. And even in business class, they serve a phenomenal champers. The business class is rather large and the staff does an incredible job of efficient, friendly service throughout the entire flight. They are also the most beautiful flight attendants I have ever seen.  20150429_045239 I chose to do Book the Cook, where you can book a specific meal before the flight. I chose a dish that turned out to not be on the menu but then changed my mind for the second meal service. The angelic stewardesses were more than happy to deal with my high maintenance self.  20150429_045804 Pretty tipsy, pretty happy.  20150429_054029 More Bollywood…I jsut can’t get enough! 20150429_055412 Satay

A restaurant worthy appetizer. No joke, phenomenal. Skewers of tender chicken and slightly tougher but far more robust and flavorful beef. Well spiced but not at all spicy. Served with deep, nutty, spicy, peanut sauce. Cooling cucumbers on the side. I could have eaten this for a main course and been filled.
20150429_064837 Hot smoked salmon

A little fishy,but the vegetables are fresh and the asparagus is crisp.

20150429_065020 Garlic bread

Why don’t ALL airlines sere garlic bread as the main course?! It’s cheap, it’s comforting, and it’s SO GOOD all of the time. Plus, if everyone on the plane eats the bread, no one can smell garlic on their seatmates’ breath. Win/win.  20150429_065501 Stacking salt and pepper shakers. 
20150429_071133 Steak with chimichurri, ordered from Book the Cook.  20150429_071220 A little overcooked, but still very good and satisfying. The meat is on the dry side, but flavorful and well salted. The potatoes are actually crispy (big deal for airplane potatoes), the tomatoes are juicy and sweet, and the chimichurri sauce is vibrant. I would order this again, absolutely.  20150429_072235 But I would skip dessert. A little too jiggly and not sweet enough. 
20150429_074306 Instead, I would get the chocolates that are passed around. They just let you take the whole damned plate!

I wish that I got a picture of the bed set up, but I was pretty tipsy from the champagne. However, the bed was wide and if it was a bit hard, it didn’t stop me from sleeping for about 5 hours, straight. When I awoke it was breakfast time!  20150429_133223 Fresh fruit.  20150429_140027 Ramen

I ordered off of the snack menu for breakfast, since I wasn’t  in the mood for the quiche that I had pre-ordered. This ramen wasn’t anything special but man oh man did it hit the spot. Some pickled jalapenos really added to the flavor, giving it both acidity and heat. Great pick me up after being in transit for what felt like 70 hours.

The seat here is excellent, the food and wine are ever-flowing, and the service is first class even in a business class cabin. I would LOVE to fly Singapore Airlines again.

Next up: Back to the beginning for a beautiful hotel in Arizona

Go West, Young(ish) Woman: Traveling to and From Arizona

A collection of photos with a few captions:

20150417_125355 You have to be flying trans-contintental in order to gain access to the Admiral’s club in JFK. Even if you are flying in a premium cabin, if you aren’t a status holder, you can’t access it. Unless you sweet talk the lady in charge. Thanks, husband. Flirt away.  20150417_150248 On an older aircraft without in-seat video screens, make sure that you have an iPad holder with a keyboard, so you can create your own seatback video hack.  20150417_150629 Warm nuts

Trying really hard not to make an 11 year old boy joke here…just barely succeeding. 
20150417_151641 One of the best domestic meals that I have enjoyed in a long time.
20150417_151645 A fresh salad with a tangy, well seasoned mango relish.  20150417_151649 Pita and hummus

Excellent. Not because it was amazing (it wasn’t – merely good), but because it is hard to screw up and is always delicious. Hummus is protein filled, light, filling, and vegetarian. I can always eat hummus and it’s a great idea for plane food.  20150417_151654 Spicy Thai curry

Actually spicy! The chicken is rubbery and the rice is mushy, but wow! That sauce is damned good for plane food – I detect ginger, garlic, and some coriander. I would definitely recommend this if it’s an option on your next flight.  20150417_153622 Dulce de leche cheesecake…meh. 
20150417_191800 Our next flight featured an updated plane including newer seats and really great AVOD.
20150417_224512 A pretty good vegetarian sandwich on a short flight from Dallas to Phoenix. 

The Great Noodle Tour: Fabulous Incheon Airport

I hate layovers. I’ll do almost anything to avoid them. They waste time when I am already tired and cranky and I just want to get to my destination already.

And then I went to Seoul’s Incheon Airport.

And had less of a layover and more of a joyful romp through a gorgeous, clean, shopping-and-food-obsessed mini neighborhood.

Take a look:

20150428_233119 Every grown woman should own a purse made by a company called “Teenie Weenie.” 20150428_233152 Shopping as far as the eyes can see. Food, electronics (oh, they have 5G internet there…amazing.), clothing, and makeup. SO MUCH MAKEUP.  20150428_234301 Koreans love skincare like no other culture I have ever seen. Their stores are loaded with creams, potions, lotions, and sheet masks. Snail entrails, charcoal, and solid gold are just a few of the ingredients you can expect to find in the common drugstore section of the makeup stores in the airport. you can spend anywhere from $4 to $400 on a face cream. Amazing.

20150428_233249 Kimchi as far as the eye can see. 
20150428_233948 I need more K-Pop Fancy in my life.  20150428_234201 A classically trained pianist, accompanied by accomplished violinists, playing “Moon River” to politely silent spectators. In the airport.  20150428_234938 Making traditional Korean handicrafts at the free Korean Cultural Center. I made a cute little hand mirror covered with traditionally printed Korean paper. IN THE AIRPORT.  20150428_235023 Beautifully dressed Korean dolls.
20150429_002406 Fresh potato chips carefully layered into parfait glasses so they don’t break. How amazing! 20150429_002636 There’s an airline on this board called “Peach.” Low cost carriers are all over Asia, which makes traveling abroad for the weekend a breeze.  20150429_002821 Time for lunch!

20150429_014018 There are tons of options at the small, efficient food court, but come on…when in Rome, right? This kimchi jigae is exceptional – spicy but not too much so, bubbling hot in a stone bowl, and served with a steel ramekin of perfectly steamed rice. The accompanying radish kimchi, little weenies, and raisin-filled coleslaw went largely untouched because I was obsessed with eating every last cube of silky tofu and strand of bouncy glass noodle from my stew. Those little seaweed crisps in the white packet were awesome – salty and crunchy, like potato chips.
20150429_003129 I haven’t seen this much love of macadamias since Hawaii. I dig it!

This doesn’t even touch upon the incredible facilities at Incheon – free showers, a transit hotel airside where you can sleep and shower in peace in between flights, many areas to sleep or sit quietly…it’s just an incredible airport.

And between the food and the shopping…I can’t wait to leave it next time and go explore Seoul!

The Great Noodle Tour: Asiana PVG-ICN

Our flight path home took us first from Shanghai to Seoul via Asiana Airlines. What a fabulous airline!


20150428_201149 The chairs are as big as couches and almost as comfortable. Reclining, spacious, with slippers and shoehorns at the seats and a huge tv filled ith American programming for a short 90 minute flight.

20150428_223713 I became embarrassingly addicted to “Elementary.”
20150428_204301 After the adorable flight attendants actually knelt to take our orders, we were served a very good breakfast.  20150428_214652 Spicy fish with rice and a diet coke

The fish was a little dry, but the sauce is wonderfully salty and spicy. The fruit is very good and.. 20150428_214947 The Danish makes a damned good breakfast dessert.

Don’t even pretend that you don’t know what breakfast dessert is. Ya know, okay?

I would absolutely fly Asiana in the future. The service was top-notch, the entertainment was great, and the food was lovely.

Next up: 5 blissful hours in the Incheon Airport.