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Fly me to the (Honey)Moon

It’s not all about tzatziki and wine.

Sometimes it’s about flying there.

And, of course, eating while getting there.

So, without further ado, here is a pictorial breakdown of British Air business class’s  menu:

20140429_090227 Charcuterie plate with hardboiled eggs, meats, and cheeses

Tasty for an airplane but not for a restaurant. The meat is a little dry and the bread is a little cottony. However, the hardboiled eggs have velvety whites and rich yolks – fantastic.  20140429_090232 Muesli

This stuff is good. It’s like rice pudding with a creamy consistency and vanilla-y scent. It’s overtly sweet and has a very simple, comforting way about it – perfect when ou are settling in for a  6 hour flight.  20140429_092245 Smoked duck and beetroot salad

The duck is WAY too smoky - it tastes like someone dipped it in cigarette ash. Too bad, because the frisee is dressed with a little lemon juice and the beet salad is creamy and tangy – totally delicious. The duck is tender but that insanely smoky taste just ruined it for me. Luckily, the vegetables are delicious all on their own.  20140429_094011 Roses in the bathroom

Because, hi…honeymoon! 20140429_122051 Serve yourself afternoon tea from the pantry

Those little sandwiches are filled with sharp cheddar (as Nigella might say, it nearly scrapes the roof of your mouth) with a spreading of sweet onion chutney. Cheddar and chutney is a classic British treat and I wish that we ate it more here…it’s filling, multifaceted, and easy to make. The chips sound gross but are totally delicious. They don’t taste like chicken, they taste like chicken seasonings. Imagine baked potatoes with thyme, rosemary, black pepper, and garlic. That is what these chips taste like and they are great.  20140429_133533 Pre-arrival snack

Balik salmon – my fave in the world. It’s cured very gently and is fatty without seeming over the top or greasy. It’s so rich and soft that it ACTUALLY melts in your mouth. Creme fraiche is a little over the top, but that’s never a bad thing. The mozzarella is soft and drizzled with olive oil and the Serrano ham is excellent – pleasantly salty and wrapped around a sweet date. The shrimp in the back is anyone’s guess – I didn’t try it.

Plane food isn’t often amazing, but this stuff more than did the job before I fully committed myself to gaining 11 lbs in as many days.

Sponsored Post: My First Nutella – Spread The Smiles!

Some people remember the first time that they threw a baseball. Some remember their first kiss. I remember the first time that I ever tried Nutella.

I was at a private school after 12 years of public school. That meant that I had to get used to uniforms, 3 different electives a semester (And the choices were things like “critical decision making”), and a half hour commute.

Needless to say, I was in over my head.

The class that I was most nervous about was French class. Most kids who went to this school had been there since, it seemed, birth, and had been taking French since then. When the first day of French class, every kid could rattle off the entire alphabet and count to 100 in this new language, I felt like I had been thrown to the wolves. How would I ever catch up? What the hell was “the subjunctive?” I was, to put it in their terms “le screwed.”

But then, right after I failed a pop quiz (of course), our teacher decided to introduce us to a little bit of French culture. She passed out small slices of baguette and a jar of Nutella with a knife.

As we listened to French pop music, I waited for the jar to make the rounds and come back towards my desk. I dipped my clear plastic knife into the jar and swirled it around the thick, smooth, chocolatey spread, I lifted it to the baguette, carefully spreading a thin layer on the bread. There was no way that chocolate would taste good on bread, but whatever – it beat conjugating verbs for 30 minutes.

Then, I lifted the small tartine to my lips and took a bite. I instantly regretted spreading the Nutella so thinly. It was…unreal. Intensely chocolatey, but not bitter – sweet and creamy. The nutty note was a little salty and very earthy, but not too thick or gritty. It just tempered the chocolate and reminded me a little bit of peanut butter. The biggest revelation was how delicious it was on the chewy, floury baguette. It was the best snack I have ever had before or since.

Since then, I learned to keep up in French class, discovered how to personalize my uniform (cool colored shoelaces, anyone?) and I have eaten Nutella all over the world (including in France), but nothing has tasted as delicious as that Nutella on a baguette in 1997.
To share your own Nutella story, visit the Tumblr and find out where the Nutella truck is going on its 50th anniversary “spread the smile” campaign! If it comes to your town, expect games, prizes, and TONS of Nutella!
Blogger disclosure:
This post was brought to you by Ferrero U.S.A, Inc., the makers of Nutella® hazelnut spread.  I received promotional consideration to write this post to support the Nutella 50th Anniversary … all opinions expressed are my own.

Have a Meaningful Memorial Day

The title says it all.

I hope that all of  my American readers have a day surrounded by family and friends and take some time to honor those who serve and who have served in our armed forces. For those who are not my American readers, this holiday is often associated with BBQs, the beginning of summer, and massive department store sales – which are all fantastic! – but it never hurts to remember the real reason behind the day.

So, tune back in tomorrow for more on delicious Greece!

Relationship Themed Restaurants

I had some personal family business to attend to, so in the meantime, I arranged for a guest post from one of my favorite writers. Katlin McGrath writes the hysterical blog Party in the Lifeboat, where she shares her thoughts about life as an actress, life as a woman, and life as a human being. Head over there for videos, blog posts, and the PERFECT accompaniment to your glass of wine and bowl of Cheez-its. She is also a fearless eater. This girl can down a slab of toast covered in bone marrow like nobody’s business. Ignore the fact that she is rail thin. Don’t worry, we all hate her. And kind of want to be her. Read this and you will see why:

If Your Relationships Had a Theme Restaurant, The List Would Look Like This:

Relationships and food have a lot in common. Relationships and restaurants have even more in common. Seriously. Think about it- we ultimately seek a relationship to fill a void that cannot be filled by us alone. Restaurants are the same thing! Sure, you can cook at home- but you may not have the expertise, ingredients, ambiance, music or well stocked bar that the restaurant does. Therefore, no matter how much we love cooking at home, we eventually venture out into the world to experience new things. I mean, when you really think about it, Yelp and Tinder have an awful lot in common… In either scenario, we are driven by hunger, need and passion, whether in romance or the pursuit of culinary adventure, and we take a gamble. We just hope we leave with our stomaches, wallets and hearts in tact at the end. After 5 years; good meals, bad meals and boys of all kinds, here is my humble guide. Please keep in mind, that while I have an adventurous palate, New York City is a BIG place and I have not sampled everything. I’m not that kind of girl.


Brother Jimmy’s: AKA “The Out of College Frat Boy.”

Remember when you moved to New York? Bright eyed and bushy tailed, navigating the subway like it was some uncrackable mystery. Experiencing sticker shock on everything from milk to beer to band-aids (which you needed a lot of because, hot damn, you had never walked more in your life!). So inevitably, as a young twenty something you found your way into Brother Jimmy’s. The casual atmosphere somehow comforted you. Football on every TV, reasonably priced beer you’ve actually heard of, mac and cheese and fried pickles. Letting your guard down, you find yourself enticed by “him”, the Axe-wearing, polo clad frat boy that reminds you of your not so distant past. Double points if he has an accent or shares your love of college basketball. There’s nothing really wrong here, except that the more space and time you get from this one, you realize the immaturity of it all. It was okay then, fueled by alcohol and fear of the unknown, but now you expect more. Plus, if you’re going to (and should) eat BBQ in the city, this is the LAST place you should go. Your palate is more refined and you want more adventure and spice than is offered here. While “he” will never change, “he” will continue to help the small town girls and college kids traverse lonely transitional periods.


Liqueteria: AKA “The Activist/Nutritionist/Makes His Own Deodorant”

New York has a way of creeping up on you every so often. Not in a good way. One morning, you wake up, disgusted by the pollution, trash, rudeness and smelliness. That’s when you stumble across this one. Sharing your love of recycling and good, clean fruits and veggies, you’re lured in by the clean freshness and the unmistakable aura of someone who actually cares. Which they do. Not a preservative in sight over here. Unfortunately, the longer you stay, that fun, optimistic potion of ginger and cardamom and pineapple, slowly turns to unfiltered kale and judgement. Whatever you do, don’t let any of “his” friends find out you buy your toiletries at Duane Reade or, God forbid, eat cheese. There’s just more going on here than you can feasibly commit to. But, that’s okay. You’ll run into each other from time to time, feel good about yourself when you do and even better about the fact that it’s just an every so often thing. After all, “his” crap is expensive.


Barcade: AKA “The Hipster”

Oh, this was exciting! The first time you came here, you had never felt cooler. Local beer, vintage arcade games and graffiti covered bathrooms. You may as well be a Sex Pistols groupie! Reeled in by the skinny jeans, tattoos and “I have a band and ride a bicycle everywhere” attitude of it all. For a few beers, it’s sexy and exciting and you want to be a part of it. That is… until the hunger sets in… And “he” is over in the corner playing Frogger. As the delirium of overwhelming appetite sets in, you realize, not only do you not want a tattoo, but you don’t own nearly enough flannel. Plus, you watch HGTV un-ironically. Will they judge you for liking Disney? Or not knowing whose song this is? Or only owning one Radiohead album? The truth of the matter is, while “he” is really cool for a beer and a quickie, you don’t want to be this cool everyday. Plus, you can only walk of shame it back from Brooklyn so many times before you start to lose your cool.


Red Rooster: AKA “The Foodie”

For Pete’s Sake, “he” is good. With good press, great recommendations and located in “up and thriving” Harlem, every single part of you feels good about being here. It appeals to you in so many ways. Covered in visual art of the neighborhood, while listening to the Nate Lucas Quartet every Sunday to the Deviled Eggs made with CHICKEN SKIN mayonnaise, you are so frigging happy to be here. Everything is awesome. Signature cocktails in pitchers, the best damn jerk chicken you have ever tasted and the funky Southern American/Swedish fusion going on throughout the menu. Your downtown friends arrive with trepidation and leave wondering if there are any apartment vacancies near by so they can be closer to the magic. Now, on the surface, “he” really is everything you want. Unless, you care about your thighs, waist and general heart health. Sure, “he” offers salads, but why would you eat salad when you can have shrimp and grits?! You have to pry your finger nails from the table and goodbye is so hard, but you know your arteries can’t handle “him” emotionally or physically (pun intended). You’ll come back someday, if only for a reminder of how good it really was.

ABC Kitchen: AKA “The Elitest”

Finally. You finally made it in. Between the fact that you have to make reservations to see “him” weeks in advance, as well as save up to even go, you sometimes wonder if taking a 5 day Disney vacation would have been more practical. Yes, they are the freshest of ingredients, “he” seems to remind you of this constantly, and the ambiance makes you feel like you should feel lucky to even have been allowed inside. It’s delicate and delicious and the pizzas make you think, “maybe he is a little down-to-Earth…” The unfortunate part is when you look around at all the furnishings and accouterments from the next door ABC Kitchen and Home, you realize that not only can you not afford “his” salt and pepper shakers, you don’t think he can handle the fact that you’re wearing H&M. Maybe someday, when you’re a rich and famous celebrity, you can come back here and be on “his” level, or better yet, have eclipsed said level, but for now, it’s just flat out too much. Too much money, too much freshness, too much you don’t have in common. Who knew vegetable could make you feel so inadequate. Lesson learned. At least it tasted damn good on the way down.


La Esquina: AKA “The Tall, Dark and Handsome”

Oh dear, sweet sexy pants. If ever there was a sensual mystery of a man, and that man was a restaurant, it would be La Esquina. Entering through the unassuming taco shop, whispering your name to an attendant you will never see again, you are whisked down the stairs, into an underground lair of danger and mystery. Surrounded by dripping candles and exposed brick, you’re given a margarita laced with sweet tropical flavor and an ever so subtle burn. The food comes in waves, familiar and spicy, delivered in the near dark, exciting and enticing all your senses. “He” makes you feel like a real woman, with equal parts comfort and danger. When you finally decided to leave the folds of this exotic cave, you emerge… (Sun blinds you as you step out) “UGH, why is it bright outside?! Why don’t I have sunglasses? Oh my god, this headache is going to kill me…. and WHERE did all my money go?!” It was magical and sexy, but you can never decide whether it was worth the hangover or the hit to your bank account.

Union Square Cafe: AKA “The Your Parents LOVE Him”

Like the ricotta gnocchi that graces the menu of this Danny Meyer NYC staple, it is so damn smooth. Not in a gross way, either. “He” is just straight up classy. From the herb scented bar nuts, to the personal and familiar service, to the carefully selected wine list. They even have black napkins, because “he” knows just how much your mom hates getting white lint all over her clothes. You love it here, not only because you somehow feel completely at home, even while receiving four star service (again, pun intended), but because it feels familiar, and safe. Like you can see the future here. Except for one small problem. The problem is you. You love everything about this place, but you also have a hankering for deep fried mac and cheese and slutty brownies and Cheez-Its. There is a part of you that loves how classy “he” is, because part of you is too. You want this to be all of you. But, just like Charlotte York couldn’t handle the “always perfect” MacDougal family and ran straight into the hands of the gardener, you know you need both sides of the coin. Don’t worry though, “he” is so classy, you can come back anytime. He will always be around and more importantly, so will the gnocchi.


Sarabeth’s: AKA “The Barney Stinson”

You held out long enough. You’d heard the stories everywhere. “Oh my god, how have you never been there?” You’d found yourself on the outside, seeing the tourists and locals alike waiting outside in line; judging them. Surely, there was breakfast this good elsewhere. Have some dignity, people! Then, it happened. You found yourself there. With your MOTHER, no less. She practically encouraged you. And just like Barney Stinson and the legendary playbook, “he” has everything designed to lure you in like Winnie the Pooh to a honeypot. Homemade preserves, never ending coffee and lemon ricotta pancakes with strawberries. My God. It’s the most delectable booby trap you’ve ever seen. PLUS, it’s breakfast, the most important meal of the day! How did you stay away so long? Then, as you sit there, in that cushy seat, enjoying your coffee, you ponder, “Just HOW MANY people have been here before me?” I mean, there’s no discrimination here- business men, Portuguese tourists and little old ladies who’ve lived on York and 83rd for 37 years. It’s not that “he” isn’t nice, delicious and comfortable. You just wonder if “he” will remember you after you leave. It’s a good stop over every so often, but you don’t want to get attached to this one. No one wants to show up and wait 45 minutes in the rain when you thought you had a connection. And by connection, I mean reservation. Obviously.


Delmonico’s: AKA “The Older Man”

“He” really does have many leather brown books and smells like rich mahogany. Touted as being one of the first restaurants in the United States, “he” hasn’t just seen things, “he’s” made them. Eggs Benedict, Baked Alaska, the Delmonico steak… There may be variations and imitations and re-imaginings, but “he” INVENTED them. While it feels a little more mature than your usual, there’s something you can’t turn down about stopping by here for a bit. Who are you to scoff at a tradition of excellence? There’s so much to learn here, and the stories are half of the appeal! You feel proud, patriotic and very worldly here. The only downside, is you find yourself feeling the same way you do when you watch “Fool’s Rush In”. Longing to have been old enough to romance 27 year old Matthew Perry. If only it was 1994 and the two of you could ride off into a perfectly positioned sunset. Unfortunately for you, it’s just a little… icky. “He” may be so many things, but one of them is just too old for you. You learned so much, but had to get out before someone accused you of gold digging or worse, daddy issues.

Shake Shack: AKA “The Forbidden Fruit or Your Best Friend’s Brother”

Sweet buttered beef. This is some good, good stuff. Sure, you avoid it like the plague because in the long run there is no way in HELL that it’s good for you in ANY way, but every once in a while, you give in. You give in to the custard milkshakes, the beef that has obviously been cooked in pure CRACK and the buns that were hand crafted by angels. “He” is unassuming, familiar and comforting. “He’s” always been there and on some level, part of you always wanted to try. Resistance was futile. It’s possibly the best thing that’s ever been put in your mouth. It’s like the 4th of July on any damn day of the year. Delicious, making you feel right at home and always ending in fireworks. You binge. Hard. Eventually, an intervention is necessary. All sides of your life pull you away and eventually, you separate. You achieve distance. Understanding why “he” is not the right choice, but knowing somehow, after a few cocktails and on lazy summer afternoons when you round the corner and run right into “him”, you’ll go in for a quickie. For the sake of your sanity and general wellbeing, you are so damn glad there isn’t location near your office. Those carmel custard shakes really are like playing with fire.

Your Place: AKA “The One”

Like McClaren’s Pub, Central Perk or Tom’s Restaurant, we all have it. Or if we don’t, we’re looking for it. The place where everybody know’s your name. Where the moment you walk in, “he” is waiting and happy and eager to hear about your day and make all your dreams come true. Breakfast is cheap and filling, dinner is always served with a smile and every so often “he” gives you something like caramel covered brie or mushroom risotto, scented with truffles (See also, Cafe Petisco on the LES). It’s everything you need. Refined, but comfortable. Yummy, classy, dangerous, fulfilling. The future father of your children who can throw down like it’s 9 1/2 weeks. Some of us find it early in the city and some of us have to leave to find it elsewhere, but at the end of the day, the journey to get there is damn delectable.

Alpine Lace Rumba with Kristi Yamaguchi

And now, a post from a member of the Fritos and Foie Gras team!

There are only a few things I enjoy in life more than cheese, hunky dancers, and Kristi Yamaguchi. Since a cotton candy machine and Jon Hamm weren’t available for this event, I have to say that Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese hosts one great party.

photo 2 (2)
Held at Little Owl The Venue on Greenwich Street, this event was a wonderful combination of flavors and fun. The new spokeswoman for Alpine Lace is 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist Kristi Yamaguchi, who stayed the entire evening taking pictures and answering questions with a smile on her face. Love this girl.

photo 1 (2)

The evening started out with some passed appetizers including Spinach stuffed mushrooms and wonton donuts. The true standouts were:

photo 2 (4)

-Lobster and avocado Gazpacho-Very rich, but somehow refreshing bites of lobster in a chilled avocado broth. More sweet than savory.

photo 2 (5)
-Mini Cuban sandwiches-An awesome bite full of salty ham and crunchy bread.

-French onion soup bites-These suckers were devoured too quickly to take a picture of. They looked exactly like mini arancini, but tasted like tiny pockets of sweet onion soup direct from Paris. Mmmmm!

The event consisted of 3 stations: Food, Dance, and Life Ingredients.

The food station was obviously my first stop, and I was not disappointed.

photo 2 (3)

There was Prosciutto, dark chocolate, strawberries, pears, crackers, quince jam, and a dozen other pairings for the Alpine Lace Swiss cheese. Each more delicious than the next.

The cheese itself was satisfying and light, very savory and uniquely matched to all of the options on the buffet. I have only ever used Alpine Lace on turkey sandwiches, but I can see myself using it in other preparations here. It was especially delicious with the quince jam. I plan to put this on my next cheese plate, for sure.  There were also delicious red and white wine options for an added boost of flavor. The red wine was particularly tasty with the dark chocolate and cheese.

photo 3 (2)
The next station was such an incredibly fun addition to the night. With help from two professional dancers, guests were taught a rumba combination and danced the night away to the sounds of Michael Buble. A real treat!

photo 5 (1)

The third and final station was also an interesting one-A board where each person fills in their three ingredients for life. They ranged from family and friends, to music and mustard! Kristi was at this station, encouraging us to take photos with her and tweet them during the event. You bet I did!

All in all this was a terrific event: well organized, delicious, and of course, fun!

disclaimer: This was a sponsored event. The choice to write about it and the opinions given are those of the writer. 

What Was I Thinking…It’s My Honeymoon!

The title says it all…why did I think that I would be posting blog reports on my honeymoon? There may be some sporadically, but don’t expect anything on a regular schedule until May 12. Then, expect a full wedding breakdown, reviews on all of our Greek hotels, and more fabulous (or at least trashy but delish!) recipes!

Till then, yassous!

Foie Gras and a Million Dollar View at Bouchon

*I’m blogging on a boat from Athens to Mykonos! So far, I have eaten a room service burger topped with a fried egg, airborne welsh rarebit, and the most sensational tzatziki on planet earth. I’m thrilled beyond words, but the WiFi leaves something to be desired, so pictures for this post will be published tomorrow!!*

Anyone who left for her honeymoon the day after her wedding…bravo to you. Frankly, the next morning, it was all that I could do to order some eggs Benedict, Facebook stalk some guest photos, and crash back to sleep until noon.

But that didn’t mean that our honeymoon didn’t start right away.

We actually made it a point to have one of the most delightful lunches I have had in some time at Bouchon, Thomas Keller’s casual Times Warner Center eatery.

The setting is quite nearly spectacular. It’s just an upscale casual cafe but it looks out onto the most magnificent view of Central Park and Columbus Circle. On a clear day, you could just sit for hours with a glass of champagne or a cup of cappuccino and watch the world go by.

But why stop there?

Foie gras terrine

If you don’t order this, do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Don’t even come home. This is the biggest must get from the entire menu. Terrine so smooth and soft that it almost melts onto the warm brioche. The apricot jam is sweet and simplistic next to the meaty, creamy foie – it reminded me of peanut butter and jelly! The brioche is clearly house baked – it’s soft and eggy. You might think that this is too much soft and rich, but no it truly isn’t. Foie is an example of too much is never enough – you always need and want more soft, rich, umami flavors and textures.

Nicoise Tartine

One of the rare ways that I enjoy tuna salad. The tuna is mixed with a small amount of mayonnaise and layered with salty capers, soft olives, and olive oil doused radishes. The radishes are wonderfully peppery and the bread that it comes on is layered with a creamy aioli and fresh bib lettuce. This is a fork and knife affair, and don’t forget the brightly dressed salad that comes alongside. It’s a grown up tuna salad, and quite a good one!

Kale salad with garlicky croutons and chicken

This isn’t your local deli’s kale salad. The kale is in large, tender leaves and tastes almost like spinach, but without that often slimy texture that spinach gets. It’s tossed in a creamy, pleasantly salty dressing (gotta be some anchovies, right) and the world’s best croutons. Honestly, these oil soaked crunchy bits of bread aren’t too hard and they don’t get soggy…I could eat a pile of them. And now that I don’t have to fit in a wedding gown any time soon, maybe I will! The chciken is soft and perfectly paoched, so it is still juicy and not at all mushy. Some fresh lemon zest adds a much needed zing of acid without watering down the dressing.

This isn’t a cheap meal. It’s a honeymoon meal. A meal where the service is excellent even when you spill the diet coke and where the portions are large enough to fill you but not so big that you feel bogged down afterwards. I had a wonderful time and would totally come here for a glass of wine and some foie gras.

Honeymooning before the honeymoon is awesome.

Sarabeth’s – One Great Rehearsal Dinner

When you plan a rehearsal dinner, there are many factors to take into account.

For example: Where will it be? Will the room be private? Will there be a dedicated bar and bathroom for your event? How far is this event from where most of your guests are located? What is the RSVP policy? How flexible are they on allergies and dietary restrictions? Must you have alcohol at the event? How expensive is it per person?

And…of course…how tasty is the food?

For my own rehearsal dinner, we decided on Sarabeth’s Central Park South, a restaurant that I would never normally frequent. However, I have to say that it was such a good experience that I would recommend it  for any large dinner affair, without reservation.

First, the not so great:

It is hard to get ahold of the banquet manager. She is extremely busy, since Sarabeth’s has so many locations. The onus is pretty much on you to call her and keep calling until you get through to her. Once you do, she is very responsive and answers your questions quickly.

That’s it..that’s the only somewhat con.

The rest are all pros. Yep, it is great for these reasons:

1. You don’t have to include alcohol, but you can. You don’t have to include an appetizer hour, but you can. You don’t have to use the whole back room, but you can.  Get the picture? You have so many options – you can really make the rehearsal dinner yours.

2. The space is fabulous. Large, comfortable, spacious, and very private. Trust me, we were hooting, hollering, and sobbing in tandem the entire night and never once did we get asked to quiet down. There is a dedicated bar, bathroom, and servers just for your party. It’s awesome.

3. The price is extremely reasonable. I men, it’s still insane because it’s Manhattan but it’s INFINITELY less insane than any other place in town for the amount and quality of food.

And speaking of which…

The food. Shall we get to it?


Mixed greens

Simple, but who wants to eat something super complex or rich before she has to squeeze into a tight white dress, right? This is fresh and well dressed, with freshly cracked pepper, a bright but not overly acidic vinaigrette, and tart tomatoes – no limp, soft tomatoes here. I would eat this again with pleasure.


Tomato and cheddar soup

My now-husband ordered this and to quote him “This is like Campbell’s had a baby with Chef Boyardee and I love it.” Yeah, he pretty much got it. This lacks acidity or any complexity of flavor, but somehow it’s still just delicious. Creamy, savory, and thick with a little salt from the cheese and many hunks of soft, sweet tomatoes. It was much improved by some Tabasco and though this is a little tame on th flavor for my tastes, a lot of people enjoyed it.


Salmon with carrot-ginger broth, salmon caviar, and parsnip puree

Okay. The salmon was clearly made ahead of time, because it was a little overcooked and chalky and the skin, while pleasantly salty, was soggy instead of crisp. However, the broth was delicious - very sweet with a little gingery kick that was slightly reminiscent of Indian food – some freshly cracked black pepper added a deep and savory edge. The puree, interspersed with fresh spinach, is earthy and creamy – perfect to sop up those gingery juices. The salmon roe atop is a luxurious, salty touch.


Chcoloate truffle cake

The high point of the night. Dense and chocolaty, more on the milk than the dark side of things. It tastes so comforting and honey, like grandma’s cake might taste. It’s topped with some light, airy, freshly whipped cream and the frosting is so fudgy that you might want seconds.

Don’t worry, you can get a girdle for the dress.

Was this the best meal that I ever ate? No, of course it wasn’t. It was made to please a lot of people, some of it was made ahead of time, and the flavors were far too bland for my tastes.

So why would I recommend this place? Because it is a perfect rehearsal dinner spot. Everyone liked it and some people loved it. My dad couldn’t get enough of the dessert and my husband (WOW…THAT’S STILL SO COOL TO SAY!) doused the soup with hot sauce than actually lifted it to his lips to lick the bowl. The service was excellent, speeches were uninterrupted, and drinks were constantly replenished.  They even offered t let us take home the bottles of wine that we didn’t’ finish! The prices are extremely reasonable for the city, and it’s a really perfect spot to sit with old and new friends and family for a relaxing night. The vibe is nice but extremely laid back and don’t forget chow down on the cake and an insanely delicious cheesy breadstick from the bread basket.

Next up: lunch at Bouchon!

Not a Bride Anymore…I’m Just Somebody’s Wife

So, it’s just me. That old married lady. 

Yep, tied the knot this weekend – between my now husband rocking the guitar onstage to my college voice teacher singing at my parents house the next day it was a pretty awesome weekend.

That being said, I don’t know how some brides claim that they don’t eat all day. I couldn’t STOP chowing down the whole damned time!


I had a healthy breakfast.


A hearty lunch with the hair and makeup team (yes, for one day, I lived like a Kardashian)

cake via

And – of course – the cake of my dreams (Spoiler alert: Ron Ben-Israel is not only the sweetest man to work with but also a certified magician: He can make any bride bust out of her perfectly fitted dress because she can’t stop eating his otherworldly cake.).

Tomorrow, we are back in business to chat about the rehearsal dinner. For the next 2 weeks, expect guest posts, wedding recaps, and maybe a few posts from abroad.

That’s right, I am going on my honeymoon tomorrow and can’t wait to send you all sorts of tasty tidbits from…