Where to Eat This Weekend – Harlem Tavern Edition

Here’s what I’m eating and where I’m eating it:

20140717_130016 Summer salad at Cafe Luxembourg

This is so seasonal that you better get it while it’s hot. Literally…these farm fresh vegetables are grilled and then served room temperature with a garlicky, fragrant, basil-y green goddess vinaigrette. The beans are smooth and creamy, the radish is crispy,a nd the lettuce has that wonderful chewy, charred texture that makes it more substantial and meaty than it is when raw. Get the grilled asparagus in a spicy chili vinaigrette for a fully healthy, vegetarian¬†meal. Or go for the burger…that’s a good call, too.
20140718_203912 Asian chicken salad at Harlem Tavern

This large, comfortable sports bar-cum-restaurant is smack dab in the middle of the loveliest stretch of Harlem I have ever seen…hell, it’s one of the loveliest stretches of city I have seen anywhere in NYC. It’s a pleasure to sit on the large, covered patio and sip on one of the many craft beers or cocktails and eat delicious spinach artichoke dip, well salted sweet potato fries, or this – the Asian chicken salad. A huge pile of tender greens tossed in a sweet and tangy Asian dressing, topped with salty-sticky-sugary teriyaki chicken.¬† 20140719_115400 Eggs Ronda at Cafe Ronda

Hands down the best dish I have had here. Why was I only coming here for dinner? Two beautifully poached eggs under a layer of spicy red pepper infused tomato sauce. Best of all, it’s laid upon a fluffy, chewy slice of garlic bread, slick with oil and garlic and parsley. The bread becomes soft and pliable with the broken yolk and the tomato sauce, but not too soggy or falling apart. The potatoes served alongside are incredibly crispy with fluffy interiors – I couldn’t be more happy with this dish if I tried.

I mean, maybe if I ordered a mimosa. That might make me a little happier.

Happy weekend, foodie friends!