Sessanta – Fabulous Tongue Sliders with a few Service Issues

July 4th is a fantastic day to stay in the city. Everyone else has vacated to the Hamptons, the weather isn’t usually too humid, and – best of all – the restaurants you want to visit have plenty of reservations available.

For our holiday weekend, we chose Sessanta.

20150704_183918 This 1970s throwback restaurant from Mercer Street Hospitality has been getting a ton of buzz for its Sicilian style menu and though it can be hard to get a reservation most nights, it was wide open on July 4.  20150704_184257 Sardinia 75 with kirsch, lemon, kiwi, and prosecco

That’s my cocktail in the foreground, made by an excellent and friendly mixologist. It’s sweet and tart with a little fizz. An ideal aperitif. My husband got that Seraphim with bourbon and smoked cinnamon in the background. Also excellent – the cocktails and the bar itself are highly recommended.

20150704_194506 Foccacia

The bread service is unique and well portioned. No overflowing bread basket here. Just one small, dense, buttery square of foccacia per person. It’s topped with a bright, tangy tomato sauce. Not revelatory, but quite tasty.

20150704_194854 Tongue slider with lemon oil

Standout of the night – major winner. This is like the cheesesteak of your dreams, minus the cheese. The tongue actually melts in your mouth with a gentle beefy flavor that is bolstered by a touch of bright lemon oil. There are some thinly diced onions – not at all too strong – and a buttery, pliant brioche bun. Trust me – this is the sandwich that will bring you back to the restaurant.  20150704_202244 Veal Marsala with mushrooms and capers

A juicy, fruity take on veal Marsala. The wine sauce is tangier than most and to great effect – the veal is tender and the mushrooms are juicy. This is a great dish for someone who likes piquant flavors or a mushroom lover – those shrooms are the standout. 20150704_202258 Big eye tuna ragu with chiles

I love this spicy, briny pasta – what a winner! Make no mistake, it’s on the fishy side of things – you have to love seafood to enjoy this. However, if you are a major seafood lover, this is pasta for the ages. The pasta itself is al dented and thick – it absorbs the rich tomatoey sauce, laden with spicy chiles and hunks of soft, tender tuna. It’s fantastic and highly recommended.

However, I don’t know how fast I will be running back here. It’s inconvenient to where I live, a little pricey, and the service was really poor. I am talking argumentative servers, wrong dishes right and left, and almost an hour in between appetizers and entrees. Plus forgotten dishes that were then put on the bill for us to take care of. To his credit, the general manager handled everything splendidly when we let him know about our dissatisfying meal. I don’t hold it against the restaurant because of his swift and appropriate action, but I’m not aching to run back either.

Let me know what you think if you head there – just don’t miss those cocktails or fabulous tongue sliders.

Lamb Bacon at Navy

Quick drive by posting:

Have you ever been to Navy? Have you ever even heard of it? It’s an adorable cafe in SoHo that is almost hidden from sight. I went for a quick breakfast with a friend the other day and was utterly enchanted.


Fresh juice, check. Sweet staff, check. Small but on point menu, check.

A little expensive, but delish.


Harissa omelette with lamb bacon.


The omlette is soft and creamy, filled with a spiced (but not crazy hot) harissa paste that has the consistency of refried beans. It’s thick and velvety, just like the eggs. A tangle of peppery, vinaigrette-dressed watercress breaks through the richness.


And that lamb bacon.

Whoa. Fatty. Meaty. Grassy. Not at all salty or smokey. Pretty much addictive.

For one shining moment, being kosher seemed possible.

Then I remembered cheeseburgers.


Hit up Navy the next time that you are in SoHo. You won’t regret it!

Chalk Point Kitchen – Great Food…If You Can Wait for It

In case you don’t remember, let me refresh you on a few points:

1. I hate doing anything athletic.

2. I love reality television.


That’s specifically why I said yes to brunch at Chalk Point Kitchen. Because the took reservations. Because the menu looked great.


What, may I ask, was the point of that reservation if we weren’t seated for 45 minutes?

If it weren’t for the bar downstairs, I would have ACTUALLY been angry. Luckily, booze did a lot to mollify my hangry nature.

20150307_144837 Chalk Point Kitchen looks like pinterest exploded. It’s cute, it’s chic, it’s chalkboard and gingham napkins and mismatched china. It’s kale-tinis, it’s farm-fresh eggs, it’s avocado toast. It’s a place to see and be seen and ALSO eat well.
20150307_140619 Start with a mimosa and then make your way down the menu.  20150307_142045 Blueberry muffins

Were they really so soft, crumbly, fresh, moist and delicious? Or was I just way too tipsy from lack of food and almost an hour late seating? I may never know, but I would get these again in a heartbeat. They aren’t too dense nor too cottony. Just sweet enough to whet your appetite without overloading you with sugar. Great with the house made marmalade.  20150307_142307 Avocado toast

Good but not the best in town. Buttery avocado, some lightly dressed greens, and pleasantly sour, toasted bread. But it could use some extra spice or a hit of tang.

20150307_142312 Ricotta and pea toast

Okay, this is great. I don’t know where they got their peas, but these scream spring. They are soft and juicy with a sweet, super vegetal flavor. The shoots are earthy and the snippets of chives are sharp and garlicky against the cloud-like ricotta. This is a must get.  20150307_143652 Roasted carrots with truffles and feta

The dish to end all brunch dishes. Meaty, crispy, soft. Sweet, spicy, vibrant. Cheesy, truffle-y, herbal. I wouldn’t even get this with the egg, as recommended. The carrots are so delicately and completely flavored that the egg would dull the flavors. The headiness of the truffles highlight the carrot’s sweetness. Get this and get 2 orders – that’s how great it is.

Actually, it’s so great that I would get it again. That’s right, I would return. The service is excellent, the food is tasty, and the vibe was really fun for a celebratory lunch. Next time, I’ll just come with a granola bar in my purse and the knowledge that it may be awhile before I chow down.

Taka Taka – Tasty, Amusing, and Also the Grossest Thing I Ever Ate

Conveyor belt sushi is incredibly fun.

You just pick up plates off of the conveyor belt that flows around the tables and are charged based on the color of the plate – different colors for the more expensive and less expensive rolls. However many plates your rack up determines your bill. The sushi isn’t the same quality as, say, Sushi of Gari, but it isn’t as expensive either – plus, it’s fun!


When I headed to Taka Taka, a Japanese-Mexican restaurant that was part kitchen entrees, part conveyor belt sushi, this is what I found:

Some great stuff:

20140730_132517 Japanese ribeye taco

This tastes like Yoshinoya beef, aka my favorite comfort food on the planet. The beef is tender and juicy, with tender onions and just a bit of cumin to bring out the Mexican taste. It’s wrapped in a warm, soft tortilla and is delicious when dipped in the citrus infused Mexican soy sauce. It’s rich, tender, and juicy – I could easily down 6 of these myself.

20140730_125835 11 – rice and chives with spicy tuna and cucumber

My favorite of the sushi conveyor belt items. Fresh, spicy, and exactly what I want in a spicy tuna roll.

There was also the less than great:

20140730_131452 Towi roll – shrimp tempura, avocado, and chipotle sauce roll covered with grilled jack cheese

This is literally the most disgusting thing that I have ever eaten. I hope that other people enjoy it, and more power to them if they do. I can’t imagine anything more wretched than this warm, rubbery cheese over fried shrimp and too much creamy chipotle sauce.

And this comes from someone who has eaten pig’s blood popsicles.

This place is fun and the atmosphere is cool – perfect for an after work happy hour. However, the service is a little scattered and the food is way overpriced – I know that this is SoHo, but there are great restaurants all over the place offering more for the same price or lower. We ordered a bunch of food and still left sort of peckish.

This is a very fun novelty and some of the sushi rolls were quite good. I would get that japanese taco again for sure – I’m still craving it.

But that jack cheese thing scared the willies out of me.

FPB Flashback

*I am getting married this week – Wow! I am working, taking care of  my small family, and also tying programs and please heaven let me have time to get a pedicure. This week is going to be cray-cray. In light of that fact, today I am featuring one of my oldie-but-goodie posts that no one got to read when I posted them because…well…I think I had 47 readers. Enjoy!*

Bakery opening!  Woohoo!!! Is there anything quite so thrilling as entering a bakery?  The savory scents of butter and flour in the air?  The chocolate and fruit glistening before you?  A whole place devoted to CARBS and DESSERTS???



Francois Payard Bakery recently opened in Soho, and when I was walking by before lunch, I popped in.  Because what is a better appetizer than sweets?  Am I right? 

 Payard is a very well respected French pastry chef with expensive and luxurious pastry shops all over the world. It is not unusual for a creation of his to go for over $60 a pop.  Yikes! But this new incarnation is a much more casual, relaxed, and inexpensive one.  Flavor stays, expense goes.  Me likey.






It is a small space, but well laid out, with a glass pastry case lining one wall and a few small tables facing it.


You can also see the bakers at work through the plate glass wall!  I love seeing bakers and chefs doing their thing-to me it is really seeing an artist at work.

 The pastries all look gorgeous and the smell in that shop was DIVINE-it was reminiscent of a time before Splenda was part of our vernacular.  Oh, sweet memories.

 There was a huge selection of savory goods too-creamy quiches, cheese laden sandwiches, and even pissaladiere-my FAVORITE use of caramelized onions!  But I had my eye set on one thing and one thing only:

 The coffee macaron


A macaron is a cookie made out of egg white, almonds, sugar, and whatever flavoring you like-anything from plain old vanilla to passion fruit to chocolate chili!  Then you take two of those cookies and sandwich them together with a rich ganache-it can be a different flavored ganache, complimentary to the cookie flavor, or it can be the same flavor ganache.  These cookies are crispy, light, very sweet, and very rich all at the same time.  People are obsessed with them. They are the Justin Bieber of the cookie world.

They are often small, like the size of Nilla wafers.  This was closer to a whoopie pie in size.  NICE.  And the taste?

 Oh sweet Caffeine Deities, bring me to your lair and let me live with you. This was COFFEE! Rich, deep, sweet with butter and sugar, slightly salty from the almonds, and just barely bitter from a true, well roasted coffee bean.  Seriously…these were to DIE for.  Taste wise at least.  Texturally…this was not the macaron I am used to.  Fluffy and soft versus light and crispy, this did lack the necessary crunch that makes a macaron a macaron.  But the flavor was really so delicious, I can overlook that.  The ganache was LITERALLY the stuff of dreams.  Thick and rich as nutella, powerful and flavorful as an Italian espresso…this was some seriously outstanding ganache.

 Not a cheap place-$4 for a macaron-but what do I always say?  Ya get what ya pay for,  kid!  And here you pay for world class ingredients, made fresh every day, right in front of your eyes.  My only regret about this place is that I didn’t get 2 macarons.  Will I ever learn?


François Payard Bakery on Urbanspoon


Sensational Room Service at The Trump SoHo

Bachelorette trips are a thing now.

Did you know that?

Not a bachelorette party…bachelorette trips. We are talking anything from a long weekend in New Orleans to a week-long trip to an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic. We are talking 8 – 15 gals shelling out for plane tickets, hotel rooms, bars, restaurants, wine tastings, trashy clothes, and wi-fi in the room.

I just didn’t have enough energy to plan that or enough faith to let anyone else plan it.

But just because I had a traditional bachelorette out on the town didn’t mean that I didn’t have a getaway that weekend.

My incredibly cool sister took me away on a mini staycation. We stayed at a chic, cool hotel, had a spa day, and generally did sister stuff for the 48 hours surrounding the bachelorette shindig.

And we ate a TON of room service.

Expect a full write up of the Trump SoHo soon, but the room service needs its own post. It’s phenomenal. Better than the St. Regis, better than The Plaza, and on par with the Mandarin Oriental. Everything we ordered was excellent:

photo 2 (22) A burger ordered at 2 AM was delivered in 30 minutes. Seared to an ideal medium rare with a minerally, rich taste. It’s extremely beefy – a bit dense for my taste, but still juicy and well seasoned. Order it on the crisp English muffin or chewy/soft pretzel bun, and do me proud and get it with blue cheese melted on top. It’s enough to fill you up for the day or sop up the booze at night, but not so big that it gives you an overly filled, leaden feeling.
photo 3 (14) The continental breakfast. The pastries are so-so (muffins) to crave-worthy (The fluffy cheese Danish with warm, sweet cream cheese filling), but the fruit is a STANDOUT. Fresh, juicy, and sweet – where the hell do they get grapefruits that taste like they are dipped in sugar and pineapple that reminds me of Hawaii? The Donald might have some fake hair, but dude has real fruit connections.

photo 4 (15) Caesar salad

Not a full on kale caesar salad, just a few small, tender leaves added into the mix for texture and a more earthy taste. The dressing is aggressively salty and savory – not like you need a gallon of water after eating it or anything, but this isn’t watered down mayonnaise. This is a lemony, cheesy dressing that clings to the crisp romaine and hearty kale. There are small slivers of anchovy throughout, adding their umami taste to the salad. Fresh croutons, no bigger than a baby’s pinky nail complete the dish.

photo 5 (7) There is an entire eggs Benedict section of the menu…did y’all know that something like that even existed? Plain, Mexican, Norweigian…the choices go on and on. The classic comes on perfectly toasted bread with light hollandaise sauce, crispy home fries, and peeled asparagus.


If that doesn’t scream class, there is also two ply toilet paper in the bathroom.
photo 1 (19) Club sandwich

I’m somewhat of a club sandwich connoisseur. I have had them everywhere from California to Rome, from cruise ships to Jewish camp (turkey bacon just ain’t the same). I love a club sandwich. And I have NEVER had one as good as the one I ate here. The trick is using smoked chicken instead of the traditional turkey – such a simple swap but an inspired one. Chicken naturally has a more mild, delicate flavor and texture that blends with the other ingredients instead of dominating them. Crisp bacon, buttery avocados, fresh veggies, and the thinnest white toast imaginable. All it needed was  a healthy dollop of mayonnaise. And those fries – sensational. Hot, crispy, and well seasoned with Parmesan and herbs. So many times, room service fries arrive cold, stale, or – the worst offence, in my book – soggy. These are hot, crisp, and deliciously seasoned each and every time.

Who needs tropical beaches and foot long drinks?

I had room service all weekend long. Happy bachelorette to me.

Sexy Mexican at Toloache

Another day, another chance to eat Mexican food, amirite?

When I was invited to come try the menu at Toloache Soho, complete with margarita pairing, I was like…OKAY!

And that’s it for the valley girl portion of the review, I promise!

The tasting menu was long and winding, so instead of featuring the  (very few) misses, I’m going to focus on the hits!

photo 2 (14)

Spicy guacamole (in the top right corner)

Maybe it isn’t the newest thing on the block but it might just be the best. The slow, smoky burn of chipotle with buttery avocado and salty cotija cheese is the ideal dip for freshly fried, almost saltless tortilla chips. The complimentary salsa is thick and smooth,with a fruity, very mild heat – perfect for those who are a little scared of spicy foods.

photo 4 (7)

Crispy tostada topped with avocado pure, crabmeat, sea urchin, and Oaxacan peanut salsa.

My favorite bite of the night, no question. The sea urchin is a little on the oceanic side, but I love that – if you only like mild Santa Barbara uni, this isn’t for you. For me, the salty uni with the sweet crab and crunchy, savory peanut salsa is a  dynamite starter. It’s maybe the best iteration of Mexican seafood that I have ever had. Of course, the tiny tuna ceviche taco you see ain’t so slouchy either!

photo 2 (13)

Brisket taco with horseradish crema (lower lefthand corner)

Mm-mm good. Very tender, with a strong beefy taste – not too many spices here to take away form the pure, mineral-y taste of the beef. The horseradish crema is extremely mild, but enough to accentuate the beef’s texture and cut through the fat.


Carne Asada

This is the stuff. This skirt steak is cooked perfectly – that’s not an exaggeration, it is textbook perfect. Charred on the outside with a pink, tender interior that is neither raw nor chewy – how do they do that so well? It’s marinated in something sweet that goes well with the best gratin I have had outside of France. It’s classically made – thin, tender potatoes in a creamy, cheesy sauce that is equal parts gooey cheese and delightful burnt edges. The mole is way too bitter and heavily spiced for my tastes – some mole, like this, tends to taste like tobacco to me – but the accompanying guacamole is delicious.

photo 3 (7)

Roasted Pineapple Tres Leches Cake

Get this. Do not be swayed by the excellent churros nor the appealingly jiggly flan. Go straight for this – it’s pina colada in cake form. Intensely sweet pineapple, made even sweeter than usual because it is roasted, sits atop a cloud of whipped cream. The cake, soaked in heavy cream, milk, and sweetened condensed milk, breaks apart if you look at it the wrong way. It’s sweet, creamy, and rich.

That’s what she said.

Toloache excels at meats and most desserts. Stick to them and you will be pleased. Oh, and that uni tostada. And those chips are really swell…

What am I saying? You can’t go wrong here. It’s busy and trendy – perfect for a date or a night out with a best friend. 

Oh, and why didn’t I mention the margaritas? Because I couldn’t choose just one to feature. Every single one was top notch. Fresh, potent, and all too drinkable.

And those margaritas are why Mexican food is ALWAYS a good idea. 

Disclaimer: I was here for a press meal. My meal was covered by the restaurant. I was not required to write a review and my opinions are my own. 

A Less Than Perfect Valentine’s Day Meal at Public

I have been incredibly lucky in my Valentine’s Day dining experiences. I have dined high on the hog. I have slummed it and enjoyed it. And I have always, somehow, gotten my money’s worth in both food and special atmosphere.

Well, don’t worry if you are feeling jealous. It seems as if the lucky streak has ended. I had a seriously disappointing Valentine’s Day meal at Public.

I have wanted to come here for a long time. It’s well-regarded as an Australian inspired Michelin starred restaurant with a chef who excels at cooking game meat. It’s also supposed to have a great bunch, and its website promises a super romantic atmosphere.

I could get down with some romance.

However…this isn’t what I would call romantic. Dark and candlelit, yes. Also  jammed in like sardines with a deafening din and such narrow aisles that I was nervous about servers bumping into my chair all night. It is very hip and totally fun – but not what I would call romantic. Sorry, not at all.


The bread sounds great but it is standard. The Aleppo pepper is literally undetectable in the cottony roll, but the orange foccacia comes out better with a strong citrus aroma and tangy flavor.


Pear and lavender gazpacho with smoked tofu and truffle oil

Better than I thought it would taste. The lavender is very mild just adding a hint of floral scent to uplift the smoky, meaty taste of the tofu. The truffle oil adds another savory level to the sweet, fruity aroma of the soup. However,this lacked flavoring for – there were no spicy notes, too much smoke in the tofu, and it was generally boring.


Roasted carrots with cilantro, avocado, and Meyer lemon confit

Enjoyable. The carrots are sweet and covered in nutty sesame seeds. the avocado is buttery, a nice texture juxtaposition to the tender-crisp carrots. The lemon really perks up the dish, adding zest and brightness to such a grounded, earthy dish. The cilantro is a very good addition, keeping the dish from being to one note. This is good, but not destination worthy.


Wagyu carpaccio with fried polenta and truffle aioli

By far the best dish of the night. Mm, mm good the beef is thinner than tissue paper, so well marbled that it is pale pink, not red at all. The fat actually melts on the tongue, with the meat following up with a gently mineral taste. The fried polenta is a hot, crunchy counterpart and the truffle aioli releases its heady scent thanks to the polenta’s heat. This is what I want all the dishes to taste like – it’s well seasoned and varied in texture. It lets the raw ingredients shine while still providing interesting cooking techniques. It is a definite high point.


Lamb with Bone Marrow Toast, White Beans  and Romanesco Sauce

This is forgettable. The lamb is tender but not grassy or deep the way that lamb can be. The beans are buttery but where is the creamy, warming, hearty nature of them? The romanesco has some salt and garlic, but mostly parsley…who wants a mouthful of that?

I really can’t remember a whole lot about it, and no I wasn’t drunk. I just ate so much awesome food this last weekend and I can’t distinguish this dish.


Sticky chocolate cake with milk foam

A very strong finish to an up and down night. The cake is indeed sticky and dense, taking more like milk chocolate than the bitter, dark stuff. It’s like a mixture between a brownie and sticky toffee pudding, with soft innards and delightfully crunchy, caramelized edges. Teh milk foam is a creamy, light component that is a fun play on vanilla ice cream.

If this restaurant didn’t get so much hype, I would have liked it more. If it hadn’t advertised itself as a cozy, romantic spot instead of a buzzy hip one, I would have liked it more. If i hadn’t had other wonderful Valentine’s Day meals out, I would have enjoyed it more. But it did. And I have. I can’t excuse a restaurant for a merely okay meal and okay service when they are charging  a premium, no matter how busy the night. Because I have had exemplary food and service on Valentin’s Day. And I hope that Public is capable of more – I feel that with the Wagyu and the dessert, there may be hope – it will just be awhile before I get up the nerve to go back and see.

Five Points – Always in Season

This piece originally appeared in Whisked Foodie

The most important dining movement in the last 10 years hasn’t been tail-to-nose whole beast feasts. It hasn’t been veganism, and it hasn’t been the raw food trend. It has been eating seasonally.

People started to realize that strawberries taste sweetest in the summer and that game tastes the richest and funkiest in the late fall. This idea of eating with the seasons instead of just eating whatever is available without paying attention to what is in season plays into locavorism and supporting local farmers. Luckily, it also plays into taste. Such is the premise behind Five Points.

peels pizza beef stew polenta vandaag rockog 162

Five Points, a NoHo staple since 1999, is the brainchild of chef and owner Marc Meyer of Hundred Acres and Cookshop. Meyer has been a proponent of eating seasonally since the restaurant opened, and though his menu has a few perennial staples, most of it changes several times a year. There is also a plethora of daily specials, including a rotating raw bar.

The restaurant, named for the part of town in which it is located, carefully walks the line between hip and comfortable. The main dining room is dark and buzzy, but there is a large anteroom with a skylight that lends itself towards parties or a brunch. The restaurant gets quite busy at peak dinner times, where it is great for a group of friends catching a casual dinner or for a couple enjoying drinks and snacks at the bar.


Start with the famous potato pizza, made with sliced Yukon gold potatoes, fontina, and white truffle oil. The crust is cracker thin and properly charred on the bottom, contrasting with the extremely creamy and soft fontina cheese. The thinly sliced potatoes are butter, with the skins providing a bit of pleasant chew next to the soft flesh. The touch of truffle oil is perfect—its heady scent reaches the nostrils before the mild taste of the pizza reaches your mouth. This is the ultimate potato lover’s pizza.

peels pizza beef stew polenta vandaag rockog 170

Then go for a seasonal entree, like fresh fluke with rye berries, strawberries, red onion, jalapeno, walnuts, mint, and yogurt or the ever popular Amish Roasted Chicken, which can come with anything from creamy polenta to crisp french fries and butter lettuce doused in herbaceous Green Goddess dressing.

peels pizza beef stew polenta vandaag rockog 166

The prices are fair, the food is delicious, and the service is efficient but also convivial. Though there is a heavy hand with the salt, the food is just so delicious that the dehydration that follows is worth it. When you dine at Five Points, you aren’t just eating a meal, you are eating a philosophy. It just also happens to be extremely tasty.

Get Downtown to Lafayette

I’ll cut to the chase – Lafayette is awesome.

I like it even better than The Dutch.

Why doesn’t Lafayette get more buzz? The atmosphere is a livelyy, spacious brasserie that’s more casual than Balthazar but nicer than Marseille. I would love to come here for brunch or for a birthday lunch with friends.  The menu is full of playful French classics – just like all of Andrew Carmellini’s restaurants, it is rooted in tradition but loaded with fun and personal twisted.



Don’t miss it. The man takes his carbs really seriously. You can spread it with the soft, creamy butter or you can eat the tangy, slightly burnished crust alone. It’s phenomenal.

IMG_20131114_134858_422 (1)

Beet salad with curried cashews and yogurt

Yes, yes, yes! This is a well done salad. The beets are roasted until they are tender but not mushy and are extremely sweet. They are served with this tart yogurt and this fresh, earthy lettuce. The kicker where are the rings of perfectly pickled onions – they are piquant and bright against the other flavors. Though I didn’t like the cashews (can’t help it, I hate all cashews), this salad is very well portioned and is actually enough for a light meal with some of the very good bread alongside.

IMG_20131114_141309_900 (1)

Steak tartare

Very good, if a bit low on heat. Luckily, there is a bottle of Tabasco provided to up the spice quotient. Other than that, this is exemplary. It’s well portioned and made with soft, coarsely ground beef. It’s layered with classic flavors of pickles and served with as swath of mustard on the side and a wonderfully creamy quail egg yolk on top. It’s nothing groundbreaking but it’s super satisfying.

photo (3)

Pumpkin brulee tart with pomegranate and whipped creme fraiche

The standout of the meal. A warm, whipped pumpkin pie underneath a shattering sugar crust. It’s scattered with tart, fresh bursts of pomegranate and plated with very dense, creamy whipped creme fraiche. It’s a really fun twist on pumpkin pie and I couldn’t stop eating it. This dessert isn’t only recommended, it’s unmissable.

I just love Lafayette! The service is great, the prices are what you would expect to pay at a Carmellini restaurant, and the food is just wonderful! I can’t even believe that I’m sharing this secret with you but, hey, – get there asap!