Feast – Where the Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

This is a brunch review.

This meal isn’t the best brunch I have ever eaten. It isn’t the cheapest. But it has the best of all possible worlds.

It has a laid back but still “special event” atmosphere. You can wear flip flops or a trendy pair of shoes and still feel at home. There is a prix fixe but a plethora of ways to customize.

And there is a LOT of food for the price. 

Feast is a relatively new East Village restaurant which specializes in seasonal small plates, so you can try a lot of food for the same price as just one entree costs at other restaurants. The feel is rustic chic – very Anthropologie.

First off, you get a drink. A (very strong) mimosa made with freshly squeezed orange juice, a house made “beery Mary,” or a bottomless cup of coffee are all on offer. I especially appreciate that there is a bottomless alcohol-free option, as I don’t always feel like drinking so early in the day.

Who am I kidding? Of COURSE I do!

As part of the prix fixe, every table gets…

pix 024 A platter of freshly baked muffins, flaky croissants, and rich pain au chocolat.
pix 025 You also get a tray of mini quiches. This day, they were studded with sweetly caramelized onions, sautéed spinach, and melted goat cheese. The crust is particularly memorable – it’s so buttery and crisp that it is like savory shortbread. These tiny egg pies were my favorite part of the meal.

pix 026 These yogurt parfaits and a chilled canteolupe soup are also part of the deal. Before you even get your main course, you are tipsy and full…right there, the price of brunch is almost justified. 

pix 029 Omelette

The seasonal omelette, this time made with goat cheese and squash blossoms, is good if not inspired. The eggs are filled with creamy, earthy zucchini filling and the goat cheese stuffed blossoms are gooey, crispy, and generally addictive. Nothing I haven’t eaten before, but done well. The portion isn’t huge but by that time you aren’t starving anyway.
pix 030 Lemon souffle pancake

Now THIS is huge. A behemoth of a pancake, crispy without and custardy within. It’s almost like a doughnut, dense but not heavy. It is scented with fragrant lemon and topped with a sweet-tart berry syrup that is loaded with fresh fruit. This is absolutely overload and thought it’s tasty, it’s a bit one faceted – sweet. I prefer a slightly lighter, crispier pancake.

pix 022 Feast is kind of the perfect celebration brunch place. It’s just $24 for all of this food plus an alcoholic drink, the vibe is more lazy Saturday lunch than hungover Sunday morning, and the service is both prompt and informative – the servers are happy to recommend favorite dishes and speak eloquently about the food.

So this might not be my favorite brunch place – the food isn’t totally memorable. But, in this case, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

And where else can you find a pancake that weighs as much as a toddler?

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The Greatest Hash Browns Ever at The Grey Dog Cafe

I’m just gonna keep on posting these lost reviews and recipes…after all, I think only 12 people read my blog the first year it was up, so it’s new to everyone except my mom!

The Grey Dog Cafe is a review that is definitely worth revisiting. The location I frequented is sadly closed now, but this delightful mini chain has several other Manhattan locations, all equally well priced and tasty 

 The vibe in this location was eclectic and charming,  with small tables everywhere and large pictures featuring dogs. It’s the sort of home your odd Aunt Effie might have-filled with charming little oddities. Aah Aunt Effie…imaginary relatives are always the most charming, don’t you think?

You order at the counter from the large blackboard menu full of delicious sounding sandwiches, salads, breakfasts, and entrees, and then wait for your food to be delivered to your table. 

Look at this cool bookshelf – it’s the ideal place to have a relaxing solo lunch! Reading about eating while actually eating…that is one of life’s deepest pleasures.

Brie, sausage, and vegetable omelette

Simple and perfect. The omelette is gently cooked so the eggs are fluffy and creamy, not rubbery.  There are ribbons of melted brie, juicy hunks of sausage, and crisp veggies.  When the butter melts in luscious pools on the warm sourdough toast, there isn’t much more in this world that you need. Except these…

Hash browns

  Tiny shards of potato intermingled with sweet onions. They are fried within an inch of becoming charred, so the mixture is deeply browned but not burnt; like those tiny crispy bits of fries at the bottom of your french fry carton at a drive through mixed with the best fried onion strings in the world.  

 Carrot ginger soup with peanuts and chili oil

A showstopper.  Thin but powerful, like a ninja of the soup world.  At first bite, it is sweet, vegetal, and blazes with steam.  Then the softer nuances creep in-the crunch of the peanuts, the slight heat of the chili, the zip of the ginger.   With a few squirts of hot sauce to bump up the heat and salt quotient, it is perfect for a peckish gal like me.  

The Grey Dog Cafe is often just what the doctor ordered.  It is not haute cuisine or famous for the world’s biggest burger or anything like that.  It isn’t even worth a trip out of your way.  It is just full of fresh, delicious food in a laid back atmosphere. It has a great staff, fair prices, and a full bar to boot!  I could see people relaxing here with a book, a magazine, or a good friend. 

And, of course, about 3 plates of those hash browns.


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Willow Road – A Brunch Addiction

Another Sunday, another brunch.
The great thing about bunch is that you can eat a burrito and beer at 9 am or coffee with eggs at 3 pm.

There are no rules and no limitations.

Which is kinda the theme of Willow Road.

pics 001 This Chelsea restaurant (helmed by Top Chef alum Grayson Schmitz, who was in the kitchen the entire time that we were there) is the quintessential NYC spot. Spacious but bustling, trendy but with a cohesive menu, upscale but fairly priced. The feel is very cool but not pretentious – I would eat there by myself at the bar, on a double date with friends, or for lunch with my mom. It’s a really great, unpretentious vibe.

pics 002
pics 005 Grilled graprefruit with mint sugar

The best grapefruit this side of Florida? Yes, I think it is. the grapefruit is juicy and tart but not at all bitter. The edges are crispy and sweet with the caramelized sugar. The mint sugar alongside is the game changer. It’s pulverized until it is super fine and powdery. The mint is herbaceous and fresh without being too menthol-y. Its really just sweet and refreshing. As it melts into a gossamer green liquid over the hot fruit, you may be tempter to lick the sauce off the plate.

If you aren’t invite me over. I’ll do it.

pics 007 Crispy black kale with pecorino, chile, and garlic

Excellent. Crispy, saturated with olive oil but not at all greasy, flecked with spicy chile, salty cheese, and pungent slivers of garlic. This would be at home in any Italian restaurant, and I could imagine that tossed with pasta, it would be an ideal main course.

pics 008 Jar o’ pickled vegetables

Awww yeah. Garlicky, vinegary, storng and pungent. Cucumbers, carrots, turnips, cauliflower, and sweet cipollini onions. These pickles are crunchy, bright, and fantastic. I love them and could order these with a cocktail at the bar for a great happy hour.

pics 011 Seabass escabeche po boy with cucumber, fried shallots, and lemon garlic aioli

This is very tasty, though not what I thought it would be. I imagined  an acidic ceviche style fish. This was more like traditional tuna fish – creamy with crunchy cucumbers and sharply fried shallots on wonderfully crisp bread. It was good, but not outstanding – if I loved tuna salad, I would probably love this more.

pics 012 Mussels a la plancha with chili and green garlic butter

Hands down the best way I have ever eaten mussels. I LOVE the smoky taste of the mussels. Still plump and sweet but with an added savory, almost bitter edge of being grilled, not steamed. The butter is overtly garlicky, somewhat spicy, and perfect in every way. It provides fat and juice for the meaty muscles. Add a spritz of lemon and it’s literally perfect.

pics 014 Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Chocolatey. Peanutty. Not too sweet or light – nice and salty/sweet and dense as a brick.

Just like I like it.

Willow Road is a fantastic destination. The service was a little distracted, but extremely sweet and quick to rectify small errors. We arrived 15 minutes before the kitchen closed, and once we were pleasantly asked to order quickly,we were invited to stay for hours, even while the staff started to prep for dinner. The prices are fair, the menu is broad, and the food is wonderful.

Like brunch, this restaurant has many options.

And, like brunch, it’s totally addictive.

Lexington Brass Kicks Mother’s Day…Gluteus Maximus

I just love a restaurant that doesn’t force a prix fixe on you on Mother’s Day. A place that is nice but not “fancy,” that takes reservations, and that offers a good-sized menu with something for everyone in my party.

That’s how my family ended up at Lexington Brass for Mother’s Day brunch.

Lexington Brass is a restaurant that has hosted everyone from the cast of Gossip Girl to yours truly. It looks like an American brasserie – light, busy but not cramped, and casual with cloth napkins and an inventive cocktail list. The atmosphere is great for a solo lunch at the bar or a family affair like this one.

Brass ale beer waffles with bruleed bananas and cinnamon butter

This fell short for me. The waffle’s taste is good – yeasty, buttery, and a little malty from the beer. The fruit is sweet and juicy with crunchy sugared bananas. But the texture is way too floppy, verging on soggy. Yes, cinnamon butter contributes to that, as it melts and pools, which is lovely.  However, a waffle must have crisp edges and that fluffy, light quality (vs. a sodden one) to make it into the pantheon of waffle greatness. Unfortunately, that made this first dish at the table a fail.

Chicken sausage

This proves how the right seasoning and care with a dish bumps it up to the next level. This is simply sausage, but it’s done perfectly – tender, juicy chicken with thyme and sweet maple. The texture is firm, with a steak-like chew. I would absolutely get this again to round out a meal.

Smoked salmon and white asparagus Benedict with ramp hollandaise

How many ways can I say “yes, yes, a thousand times, YES!” This is my idea of heaven. Why?

Silky, pleasantly smoky salmon? Check

Perfectly poached eggs with firm whites and thick, rich yolks? Check

Tender white asparagus, a mild and fresh contrast in the rich dish? Check

Slivers of toasted English muffin to soak up all of the intense flavors? Check

Decadent, buttery hollandaise, chartreuse and fragrant with the lightly garlicky, sweet onion-y taste of ramps? Check

 I wish this dish was on the regular menu – but, of course, ramps have a very short season. That being said, it speaks to how closely the restaurant’s chef pays attention to what is in season and changes the menu accordingly. This dish had a myriad of textures and flavors that made it utterly satisfying.

Strawberry and rhubarb tres leches shortcake

Fabulous. Sweet strawberries macerated with tangy rhubarb has a fresh, sugary taste. The thick cream mimics the sweet, rich condensed milk that soaks the bottom shortcake bun. Sweet but not cloying and decadent but perfectly portioned. This is totally craveable.

This restaurant might not be destination worthy on its own, but on a holiday, run towards it. The prices are very fair, the service is good, and the food is quite tasty. Get that ramp hollandaise and get it fast.

And don’t ever pay a prix fixe just because you think there are no other options.

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Maple Egg Grilled Cheese

It’s months like these that make me proud to be an American.

That’s because April is Grilled Cheese Month! Give me grilled cheese or give me death—that’s how the saying goes, right?

Well, Land O’Lakes has teamed up with Kitchen PLAY to celebrate grilled cheese.

Also, through the end of April, Land O’Lakes will donate $1 to Feeding America every time someone pins or repins a Land O’Lakes recipe on Pinterest. Just head to www.landolakes.com to find your favorite recipes, pin them, and start giving back.

And, with recipes like the one below, you are going to be pinning like crazy.

Grilled cheese is one of my favorite foods because there are so many ways to dress it up. It can be elegant or trashy and it is always just what I feel like. Even for breakfast.

You know, that time when grilled cheese isn’t usually served.

Keyword: usually.

The important things here are very thinly sliced cheese, so it melts evenly, and getting the fried egg right. Nothing is more disappointing than an overdone egg, and nothing is more delightful than a gooey egg yolk.


Except, perhaps, a gooey egg yolk atop a perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

Maple and Egg Grilled Cheese Sandwich


3 oz. Land O Lakes® Deli American Cheese

2 slices bacon, diced

2 slices sandwich bread

1 egg

1 tbsp. butter

1 dash chili seasoning (cayenne, pepper, salt, and garlic powder)

1 tsp. maple syrup


 1. Put the bacon in a dry, hot skillet and cook over medium-high heat for about 12 minutes, or until the bacon is very crispy. Take out of the pan and drain on a paper towel but keep the bacon grease in the pan and the pan hot.

2. Put both bread slices in the hot pan. After 1 minute, or when they are toasted, take one out of the skillet. Turn the other one and add the cheese.

 3. Top with the bacon.

4. Cover the whole thing with a lid, reduce the heat to medium, and cook for 3 minutes, or until it the cheese is melted. When it is totally gooey, remove the cheesy bread and set it aside. Do NOT top with the other slice of bread.

5. Melt the butter in another skillet over medium heat…

6. And fry your egg. You want the whites JUST set and the yolk still runny.

 7. Put the egg onto the sandwich

8. Drizzle on the maple syrup and add the chili seasoning.

9. Now top with the other piece of bread, push down to puncture the yolk, and…

10. Serve.

This is everything breakfast should be— hearty, filled with healthy fats and protein, and just a little bit indulgent. Unlike traditional grilled cheese, which must be flipped, this can be made by somewhat clumsier chefs (my middle name isn’t exactly Grace). The egg, along with the cheese, acts as an adherent for both pieces of bread. The bacon is evenly distributed and the maple syrup adds a wonderful sweet taste to an otherwise savory meal. The crowning touch is, of course, the cheese. Tangy, soft, perfectly melted. It’s everything an ideal grilled cheese sandwich is.

So go pin this on Pinterest. And while you are at it, check out some of the other fabulous grilled cheese sandwiches participating in this program by clicking on the graphic below! Not only are you helping a good cause…you are gonna have a great breakfast tomorrow, too.

 *Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Land O’Lakes as part of the Kitchen Sidecar series. All opinions given are my own.

Lox, Eggs, and Onion Matzo Brei Bake

Passover has ended! Did you enjoy last night’s bread-stravaganza? I know I did!

However, I may have been a little harsh in one of the week’s earlier posts. I don’t always hate matzah. I enjoy it covered in chocolate. I like it in meatloaf. And I actually crave it, year round, in matzo brei.

This dish, made of soaked and rung-out matzah, is a perennial favorite. It combines eggs, matzo, and any number of add-ins. Some like it served sweet with jam. I prefer it on the savory side with sour cream.

And I especially love it in this easy to make, old school deli style version:

Lox, Eggs, and Onions Matzo Brei Bake


8 eggs

1 brick cream cheese

8 oz. smoked salmon or lox

2 tbsp. butter

1 onion, diced

1/4 – 1/3 cup fresh dill, cleaned and chopped

1 box matzoh (or a little less is okay, too)


 sour cream (to serve alongside)

1. Put the butter in a pan over medium heat and melt it. Add the onions and sautee for 20 minutes, or until they are golden and caramelized. In the meanwhile…

2. Break up the matzah into large pieces (like 3 pieces per cracker), and put them in a colander. Run cold water over the colander until the matzah is quite mushy.

3. After the matzah is all wet, turn off the water and wring out the matzah until it is quite dry. You will really break the matzoh up at this point, and though it will be soggy it should not be sopping wet.

4. Combine it with the eggs, lox, and onions. Whisk it and add pepper, if you like.

5. Add the cream cheese and dill, whisk again, and throw in a 325F oven for 30 minutes, or until the eggs are puffed around the edges and just set in the middle.

6. Top with scallions, and sour cream, and eat immediately or at room temperature.

This is the BEST brunch dish. It can be made a couple of hours ahead of time and it feds a whole mess of people. It is sophisticated tasting but – as you see – incredibly simple to make. The salmon firms up and is rich and pleasantly salty. The cream cheese is rich and the onions are sweet and savory. The matzo becomes crisp in some parts, soft in others. It is purely textural, and lets the classic flaors of the lox, eggs, and onions shine. Pairing this with some smooth sour cream is the ultimate way to cap off a truly delicious brunch.

Look at me…I jsut called matzah delicious.


Good Enough to Eat – Sweet in More Ways Than One

I recently got to go to one of those restaurants that I never get to go to, one of those places that always has lines out the door and down the block on a Sunday at 10 AM.

It’s called Good Enough to Eat, and you know what…it really is.

This cute little restaurant is a kitschy piece of Aunt Mae’s kitchen right in NYC’s UWS. It literally has a white picket fence outside and inside, and there are embroidered mottoes, on the wall, mismatched teacups on the shelves, and homemade cakes lining the counter.

If it were any cuter, it would have its own tumblr.

Though this spot serves all day straight though dinner, you really come here for the breakfast and brunch fare.

Fruit and cottage cheese

Groundbreaking? Hardly. Fresh, generously portioned, served with full fat cottage cheese – yes, absolutely. After quite a few sub par fruit salads in NYC diners and high end restaurants, this really deserves all the kudos i give it.

Pancakes with homemade strawberry butter

So thick, so fluffy, so airy yet rich and buttery…this is the pancake setting standard. It is substantial enough to stand up to a thick pouring of real maple syrup yet soft enough to cut with only a fork. Lightly vanilla scented, and perfect with the fruity, fragrant strawberry butter. Strawberries might be outta season but they sure do taste great when mixed with unsalted butter.

Unpictured is the thick cut bacon I go ton the side. When I mean thick cut, I mean thick cut. Almost like a salty, smoky, beautifully crunchy yet meaty hamsteak. Really awesome stuff.

Good Enough to EAt is a very nice brunch place, but not worth a 2 hour wait. Then again, what is? That being said, if you can go on a weekday or a weekend when the whole city is out-of-town, go there! The food is very tasty and well priced,and the service and atmosphere are positively sweet.

Come to think of it, I think this place should have its own tumblr.

It really is that adorable.

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How to Make Saturday Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Especially on weekends, when your day should not start until 12 noon at the earliest and should include reality tv, a disco nap, and a chance to go out and embarrass yourself in an inebriated state later that night.


Anyway, while on a weekday, instant oatmeal might cut the mustard, that ain’t the way it should be on the weekend, when you actually have time to drink some heavily creamed and sugared coffee, putter around the kitchen, and put together a kick ass breakfast sandwich. Just take a few things into mind.  1. Cheese

Nothing too stinky, nothing too salty. The point of this breakfast isn’t to shock your tastebuds into alertness, it’s to gently wake them up and cradle them as they come into a day that will surely include some beers and baskets of fries. Something with a good meltability is mostly what you want. Some medium sharp cheddar, mozzarella, or even -ssshh- American cheese – works really well here.

2. Pork

Yeah, I said pork. Sorry to my kosher and halal friends. I apologize to the vegans out there. And little piggies…well, you are very cute but also very delicious. I’m never giving you up. Now, I’m flexible as to the type of pork – crisp bacon, soft sausage, scrapple, even thin sliced pork loin. What you want is the natural salty sweetness of pork – it just works really well with the rest of the sandwich.

3. Eggs

Don’t even think about using egg whites here. Just shut up. Scrambled or fried work well. If you fry them, be sure to do it on a medium high heat and finish them by steaming them with a little water under a lid, so the yolks raise up high and get pleasantly gooey whilst the whites are firm. And if you scramble them, be sure to season them well – eggs love pepper.

4. Bread.

Get out of there with your whole wheat, low gluten, fiber-riffic loaves. Don’t throw me a tortilla (not without some refeid beans and salsa, at least). Use a tangy toasted sourdough, a fluffy and airy biscuit, or some rich challah bread. Break out all the stops – you really want a full on, indulgent experience here.

5. Layer(starting with the cheese, so the warmth of the other ingredients melts it)…




6. Top with Sriracha, ketchup, or even maple syrup. Whatever floats your boat – this sandwich needs a little something saucy to really get it going.

7. Eat. At least three of them.

Is it Saturday morning yet?


Wine and Roses – A Serviceable UWS Wine Bar

The West Village is full of quaint, interesting wine bars that offer a great selection of wine by the glass, tasty small plates, and excellent service. The Upper West Side? Not so much. So, when a friend suggested we check out Wine andRoses a few months ago, I was all about it. After all, a gal needs her wine.

Said like someone who self medicates.

The small restaurant is well laid out, with plenty of windows, a few high tables, and a large bar that comfortably seats many. We went for brunch, so it wasn’t insanely busy, but I could see how a place like this could get hopping on a weeknight after work.

We started with mimosas which were were, while unexceptional, tasty. They used good sparkling wine, neither too sweet nor too dry, that mixed well with the the tart, thick orange juice. Too many places screw up mimosas, so this was a pleasure.

Watermelon and tomato stack with feta and balsamic glaze*

Like the mimosa, nothing unexpected, but a very tasty dish. The watermelon is juicy and sweet, making the tomatoes more acidic, earthy flavors come ot the forefront. The feta is creamy and salty without being bitter, and the thick balsamic glaze adds tang. This just shows that when food is done well, it need not be complicated. 

Flatbread with  wild mushrooms, mascarpone and goat cheeses, and white truffle oil

An excellent flatbread. A crispy, crackerlike crust topped with meaty sauteed mushrooms and a combination of slightly funky goat cheese and buttery mascarpone cheese. It is topped with salty, nutty shards of fresh Parmesan cheese and a drizzling of truffle oil, heady and rich. This is light and satisfying at the same time.

The only issue I have with this place is the pricing – its a bit high for what you get, which is good but not destination worthy. However, it’s one of the only establishments of its kind in the hood. The service is, if not overly friendly, competent, and the wine by the glass selction looks lovely. While I wouldn’t run here again, I would stop by if I was nearby and desperately craving a glass of prosecco.

Once again, said like someone who self medicates. 

 *Yes, this eatery was visited so long ago that tomatoes were still in season. Yeesh. 

Blue Water Grill – A Fantastic Brunch and All that Jazz

People like brunch because it’s convenient. Because it includes drinks. And because you can often do it cheaply and still have a tasty meal.

However, if you are willing to go up a wee bit on price, I have a brunch that will blow your mind.

Head to Blue Water Grill in Union Square. This BR Guest restaurant at first feels like any other corporate brunch in the city – upscale, immaculate, devoid of any personality. BUT, when you book a table, make it for the jazz room downstairs. Then, you are led from the light flooded, bustling upstairs to a small, elegant dining room below ground where, from 11:30 on, a jazz trio serenades you with some absolutely sensational live music. The longer you stay, the louder and more swinging the music gets. There is something about live music that is undeniably New York and enhances the multi-sensory experience of eating a good meal.

Spicy sausage and shrimp hash

Pork and shellfish are natural lovers – the shrimp makes the pork taste sweet and clean, while it gets the pork’s natural fattiness and full-bodied flavor. Here, huge snappy shrimp pair with jalapeno-scented breakfast sausage, creamy roasted potatoes, and soft sautéed onions. The shrimp is so sweet, with no wretched iodiney taste. Pairing the shellfish with such earthy, full flavored ingredients really ups the ante of a usual breakfast hash.

Fiery maine lobster and big eye tuna roll with green apple, avocado, and honey calamansi glaze

Fresher and more expertly made than I could possibly have imagined. The lobster is as soft and sweet as crab with the unmistakably buttery quality that only lobster has. Pairing it with the lean tuna, soft and mild, is inspired – their contrasting textures really complement each other. Tart green apple, creamy avocado, and a tart-sweet glaze complete this roll, made with excellent room temperature sushi rice. This isn’t authentic sushi, but it is incredibly delicious. It is another example of how well this restaurant does brunch.

Santa Barbara smoked salmon with accoutrements

If you ever see Santa Barbara Smokehouse fish offered, you change your previous plans, cancel all alternate ideas. This is one of the finest smokehouses in the country, is nationally recognized, and produces smoked salmon that is silky, mild, soft, velvety...it’s so good that it almost makes lox sexy. Fish this good needs not be obscured by lots of other stuff-  just a hard-boiled egg, some remoulade, and sour pumpernickel bread is necessary. A stiff, vinegar dressed salad of frisee and lightly pickled onions cleans the palate between bites, preparing it for more of that excellent smoked salmon. This dish is simple but exquisite.

Caramelized banana ice cream tower with hazelnut shell and toasted marshmallow sauce

This makes bananas foster look like Laffy Taffy. That’s how divine and purely banana-y this ice cream tastes. It tastes clean and almost floral with soft bananas interspersed in the airy ice cream. It is drizzled with bittersweet chocolate sauce and crowned with sticky, sweet marshmallow cream. Possibly the most delicious part of the dessert is its fragile hazelnut tower. Crisp, sugary, and buttery, tasting like a gigantic Florentine cookie. This dessert might have made my dad stab my sister with a fork for the last bite.

My family dines to win. 

Luckily, having to share dessert is the only downer to this brunch – each entrée, by the way, comes with a very nice mimosa or a VERY strong bloody Mary. The service is excellent, the food is way above par, and the live music is just delightful. Make no mistake, the price tag is hefty. You pay for some of the freshest seafood around. However, for brunch with the parents or a splurge-y treat…this is worth it. It’s tasty, elegant, and unique…

And all that jazz.