3 Day Bloody Marys

I got the idea for these Bloody Marys from Sage in Las Vegas, which makes the best Bloody Mary that I have ever had.

Until now.

I upped the heat and celery quotients of my version, and dialed down the salt. The taste should be primarily of vegetables, with a slight kick of vodka but enough heat to cover the real burn of the alcohol. The balance here is the most important thing – this is tangy, sour, sweet, and savory. And, of course, spicy. The most important part of this is really letting it marinate for 3 days – the heat grows as it sits.

3 Day Bloody Marys


1 large bottle V8

3 Tbs. Worcestershire sauce

1 bunch celery hearts and leaves, chopped

2 pickled tomatoes, cut into slices/wedges

2 garlic or dill pickles, cut into slim spears

2 tsp. grated fresh horseradish

2.5 oz Tabasco sauce

lemon vodka, to taste

Special Tools – 1 jar/container for marinating purposes.

1. Put all the veggies into your marinating receptacle.

2. Add the Tabasco sauce.

3. Add the juice.

4. Mix the juice around to get all the veggies incorporated.

5. Let it marinate for 3 days. Don’t taste it or add some vodka now. It will taste different in 3 days – trust me.

When you take the Bloody Marys out of the fridge, they will be darker. Taste a pickle if you want – all the flavor will have leached out into your liquid.

6. Strain the liquid through a fine mesh strainer to catch all of the vegetable bits. Now is the time to taste – is it too hot, too bland, or too vegetal? Add whatever you need now – including the vodka.

7. Serve.

You have never tasted a Bloody Mary quite like this, even if you were at Sage. Sorry, this one is just better. The celery lends an incredibly light, fragrant note and the Worcestershire sauce adds depth and umami flavor. The pickles give all the tang and salt that the drink needs, and the combination of tabasco and horseradish is an unmistakable pop of spicy flavor. Feel free to leave out the horseradish if you don’t like its nasal cleansing properties, but please use the Tabasco. And serve this drink cold, but without ice.

After how much time it took to make, you don’t want anything diluting this drink.

Lemon Infused Vodka

Lemon infused vodka.

Most people probably know instinctively how to make this.

I have to say, though, I didn’t. So, if you are stupid like me, here is one of the easiest recipes you will ever make. It takes a cheapo vodka and turns it into something way more palatable. The infusion takes away the burn, lessens the medicinal aftertaste, and makes any mixed drink taste more refined.

So, here goes:

Lemon Infused Vodka


1 empty milk bottle/mason jar/Tupperware

1 bottle vodka

3 lemons, sliced into slices/wedges small enough to fit through the lid of your jar

1. Empty the bottle of vodka into the jar.

2. Put the lemons, seeds, skin and all, into the jar.

3. Cover the jar and put it in a cool place. Leave it alone for 48 hours.

After a 2 days, this is what the vodka will look like. A little cloudy and a very pale yellow. Taste it with your finger. It should be bright and tart, with a slow afterburn of vodka. If you can’t taste the lemon flavor, leave it in for another day. If you can taste the lemon, then…

4. Strain the mixture into a large bowl, passing it through a sieve so all the lemony bits and seeds are caught. Then, rinse out the jar to make sure pulp is removed.

5. Funnel the vodka back into the clean jar, and…

Voila. Your vodka is ready to serve.

This is a very clean, light drink, and it is amazing how putting some citrus in a bottle of cheap vodka really refines the taste. This isn’t good enough to drink alone, but it totally changes the way that a vodka soda tastes. Add some simple syrup and you have yourself a quick lemonade spritzer. Oranges would also be great in here, and I kinda have a hankering to try some tarragon in there next time. And it makes one heck of a Bloody Mary.

One of my favorite non-recipe recipes.