My Best Friend’s Wedding – A Scottish Feast

My Best Friend’s Wedding isn’t just a movie anymore.

It’s actually one of my favorite memories.

My best friend in the world recently married the love of his life. There were kilts. There were tuxedos. There were bagpipes and tears and about a thousand iphone photos.

There couldn’t be a lovelier pair of grooms.

And the reception introduced me to a restaurant I absolutely must try again.

Highlands is a modern Scottish gastropub in the West Village. The menu items and cocktails we had are usually on the menu at some point or another, and are indicative of the type of food that is served here.

That is, to say, hearty and tasty.

The restaurant itself is chic and old fashioned at the same time. It’s so  cute it might as well be in Brooklyn. This is a fantastic date spot.

pix 080 French 75 with cucumber gin, prosecco, lemon juice, and sugar

A classic cocktail made new with the addition of cucumber. Light, bubbly, and crisp, with just a touch of sweetness and the faint juniper taste of the gin.  The lemon juice makes the drink pop at the finish. This is as good as many drinks I have had at craft cocktail bars.
pix 083 Cullen Skink

This smoked haddock chowder packs a punch. It has the consistency of great New England clam chowder but with a smokier, saltier taste. Velvety and savory, with tender potato and soft pieces of haddock. This is for someone who really loves seafood, but if you are fan of smoked whitefish you might just love this soup. I certainly did.
pix 084 Oysters with mignonette

Simple but superb. Fresh, creamy Massachusetts oysters topped with a savory bacon and shallot mignonette sauce. The salty, acidic flavors make the sweet side of the oyster shine. These could not be fresher or more perfectly shucked. I would absolutely come here for a dozen or two of these with a french 75.  Outstanding.

pix 085 Mini beef and pork pies

I mean, are you kidding me!? These are cute, portable, and totally tasty. Flaky, buttery puff pastry surrounding savory beef and potato or juicy, slighlty sweet pork and sweet potato. These aren’t greasy or salty, they are just like what you would make if you had endless time and pastry talent. I ate about 4 of these and could have eaten more.

Fabulous food, lovely atmosphere, what looks like fair prices…what’s not to like? Even if this wasn’t my best friend’s wedding, I would like Highlands. But it will always be the place where my best friends celebrated their love.

So I guess I’ll always love it.

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