The Best ____ I Ever Had

These are some of my favorites – do you disagree with me? Have an additon to make? Hit up the comments and  challenge me!! I might even buy you dinner to prove you wrong or right!
Fritos-Cowgirl, NYC
Bloody Mary-Sage, Las Vegas
Foie Gras-La Silhouette, NYC
Steak Tartare-Tie: Greenhouse Tavern/The Lamb’s Club, Cleveland/NYC
Chocolate-La Maison du Chocolat, NYC
Martini-Duo, NYC
Thai Food-Lotus of Siam, Las Vegas
Special Occasion Meal-Tie: ABC Kitchen/Tocqueville, NYC
Korean Food-Don’s Bogam, NYC
Oysters-Millesime, NYC
Upscale Italian Food –Vetri, Philadelphia
Food Truck-Waffles and Dinges, NYC
Cheap Eats-Crif Dogs, NYC
Brunch-Blue Water Grill, NYC